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BETA6.0 - AMD Opetron 6272 (16 core) multiprocessor config crashes

Hi All.

I am using the /201204271810Z/ built version of BETAnetbsd6 on a H8DG6-F, it
has one AMD 6272 with 16 cores..

The server crashes with no errors on the console or logs for a simple
untar.. booting the server with -12(Disable SMP) boots it with one core and
the server is stable..

I have the following turned on the kernel and still don't see a thing in the

# Diagnostic/debugging support options
options         DIAGNOSTIC      # expensive kernel consistency checks
                                # XXX to be commented out on release branch
options         DEBUG           # expensive debugging checks/support
options         LOCKDEBUG       # expensive locking checks/support
options         KMEMSTATS       # kernel memory statistics (vmstat -m)

options         DDB             # in-kernel debugger
options         DDB_ONPANIC=1   # see also sysctl(8): `ddb.onpanic'
options         DDB_HISTORY_SIZE=512    # enable history editing in DDB
#options        KGDB            # remote debugger
#options        KGDB_DEVNAME="\"com\"",KGDB_DEVADDR=0x3f8,KGDB_DEVRATE=9600

I would definitely like to use the CPU. But seems like betbsd hangs on any
activity.. maybe its some setup that I have incorrect

Derrick Lobo

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