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Re: Linux emulation broken on 5.1? (PR 36184 ?)

In article 
Torsten Harenberg  <harenberg%physik.uni-wuppertal.de@localhost> wrote:

> 17156      1 ls       CALL  arch_prctl(0x1002,0x515ae0)
> 17156      1 ls       RET   arch_prctl 0
> 17156      1 ls       PSIG  SIGSEGV SIG_DFL: code=SEGV_MAPERR,
>addr=0x10, trap=14)
> 17156      1 ls       NAMI  "ls.core"
>I found an old PR
>which seems to address exactly this issue, but I'm unsure if that has
>been pulled-up into the RELEASE. 
>So I would like to ask if I did anything wrong when trying to run Linux
>binaries and if the PR was pulled-up and - if not - is there any way to
>get things running while staying on the stable tree?

Looks like the code handling tls in linux thread initialization has not
been pulled up to 5.1. You need to either run a more recent kernel, have
someone pullup the patches to 5.1, or use an older version of the userland
linux libraries if your program will work with them.


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