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cpu monitoring + ipv6

Hello. I just installed NetBSD-current and am having a hard time figuring out how to access my cpu's temperature. It is an AMD x2 3800 on a supermicro h8ssl-i board. I'm writing from another computer so I can't include the dmesg, however, I have checked my kernel config for the amdtemp* driver and it IS included but doesn't show up on the live system. acpitz is also missing on the system even though the kernel config includes it.

The 5.0 boot cd also doesn't load either amdtemp or acpitz drivers on an amd sempron system.

This board seems to have a built-in monitoring system that sometimes beeps when I'm compiling pkgsrc but I need to know if it is an ECC error or thermal warning.

envstat says no drivers registered also.

On another note, pkgsrc cannot download some distfiles and it seems that it is trying to access an ipv6 address eg "`2a02:2e0:4::1:80' No route to host"

Does this mean I have to set up ipv6 alias/routing on my system?

Thanks. I hope someone can help me.

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