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Preserving early console output (pre-Copyright stuff)

I'm trying to debug some stuff on a new server, and there are some "messages of interest" that get printf'd on the console very early in the system's life, before the "Copyright (c)..." lines. There is a large amount of info being printed, way more than a screenful and way more than can be captured with an eyeball snapshot. Unfortunately, it seems that this information is NOT retained in the kernel's message buffer, so it never gets collected by syslog. (For those who want to know details, some of the messages in question are generated by add_mem_cluster() in src/sys/arch/x86/x86/x86_machdep.c)

So, is there either

a) a way to capture these messages in the normal message buffer for later collection by syslog, or

b) a way to pause long enough to manually transcribe the output? (A simple timed delay would work, although a "Press any key to continue" would be easier!)

Thanks in advance!

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