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Re: Preserving early console output (pre-Copyright stuff)

On Thu, 1 Jul 2010, Allen Briggs wrote:

On Thu, Jul 01, 2010 at 05:18:36AM -0700, Paul Goyette wrote:
a) a way to capture these messages in the normal message buffer for
later collection by syslog, or

b) a way to pause long enough to manually transcribe the output?  (A
simple timed delay would work, although a "Press any key to continue"
would be easier!)

I don't know of an easy way to do either (although I could see adding
something to pause every N calls if it's not logging yet), but this
is the kind of thing that a serial console can be really handy for.
Do you have serial ports on the system in question?

That's what I thought I'd get for an answer!  :)

There is a serial port, but I haven't figured out yet how to make it work in the BIOS. And while I do have other machines with serial ports I've never used those ports and don't even have serial cables! (The last time I used a serial cable was way back in the days of modems and dial-up 'net access!)

The "pause every N calls" is probably over-kill - I'd be happy to pause on every call, if there is an appropriate pause() function that can be called at this early part of the boot process.

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