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Re: mpt timeouts with LSI Logic 22320 under 5.0.2

On Sat, Mar 13, 2010 at 6:45 PM, STEPHEN JONES, W0TTY <smj%cirr.com@localhost> 
> I will probably end up just switching to a siop or aha driven controller.  I
> know that mpt is still considered experimental and buggy, so no problem with
> that.

I used to use qlogic controllers I would get cheap from salvage with
few problems. They use the isp driver. Not a huge load, but I did some
stuff. This was i386 in the 2.x days.

>> I'm a SDF user, thanks for you effort.
> Thank you for that and thank you for supporting NetBSD

Even better if I could spell... I've got 3 t-shirts and I need more :)

Might as well plug it:

sdf dot lonestar dot org


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