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Re: mpt timeouts with LSI Logic 22320 under 5.0.2

On Mar 13, 2010, at 7:41 AM, Andy Ruhl wrote:

On Friday, March 12, 2010, STEPHEN JONES, W0TTY <smj%cirr.com@localhost> wrote:
I'm experiencing timeouts with the mpt driver for an LSI Logic 22320 dual channel u320 controller. The timeouts seem to occur when doing intensive operations such as forcing an fsck. In looking through the list history I found that having an 'ACPI kernel' was suggested. I'm using the GENERIC
kernel config which I believe supports ACPI.

What NetBSD version? Anything logged to the syslog?

This is on 5.0.2 generic, but I've also tried 4.0.1 generic. console errors are the fairly generic device timeout messages when I/O is heavy (such as forcing fsck on 14 spindles at once), and not recoverable (reboot necessary).

I will probably end up just switching to a siop or aha driven controller. I know that mpt is still considered experimental and buggy, so no problem with that.

I'm a SDF user, thanks for you effort.

Thank you for that and thank you for supporting NetBSD


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