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Re: Xorg hangs on Radeon HD 4650 with xf86-video-{ati,radeonhd}

On Wed, Apr 01, 2009 at 10:48:10AM -0400, Rafal Boni wrote:
> Folks:
>       I have a (relatively) new machine running NetBSD 5.0_RC3 with an
>       ATI RadeonHD 4650 PCIe card.  Xorg works relatively well with the
>       vesa driver (I think it had issues getting the right panel size
>       of the LCD monitor and picked sub-optimal resolution), but I'd
>       really like to get it running the radeon ati sub-driver and/or
>       radeonhd driver.
>       I've tried both the in-tree radeon / radeonhd as well as latest
>       released versions and latest git versions, however, all versions
>       of *both* drivers have the same fatal flaw: X will start once,
>       but once I exit X and attempt to re-start it, the machine locks
>       hard with a corrupted display... (hard enough that I have to force
>       it to turn off by holding the power switch for 5sec).
>       Note that the first invocation of X is generally problem-free,
>       with the exception of specific issues with certain versions of
>       the drivers (e.g. some radeon driver versions have VT-switching
>       problems and don't restore the X screen right), but the second
>       X invocation either hangs the box hard or (rarely) causes it to
>       reboot itself... 

Just for the record, updating to the pkgsrc modular Xorg server
(and all it's prerequisites), made the lockups and/or spontaneous machine
reboots go away... I can now restart the X server w/out trouble.

Note that I I was running the 5.0 in-tree Xorg with updated xf86-video-ati
and/or xf86-video-radeonhd drivers, so something either didn't like the mix
of newer xf86-video-{ati,radeonhd} drivers and Xorg 1.4.2 server... or the
build in that environment was somehow borked.


(see http://mail-index.netbsd.org/tech-x11/2009/04/01/msg000470.html for
 the original machine details, etc)

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