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Problems getting network working

Hi there,

I have a Gigabyte GA-MA78GM-UD2H motherboard and a Intel fxp(4) network
Normally everbody thinks "oh, fxp.. that works", yeah.. but not in this
system. I get very very strange effects. The kernel is recognizing
everything correctly, including all parts of the motherboard and the
fxp(4) card.
When I try to use the card, I send out SYNs but I don't get ACKs or any
other response. Even ARP doesn't work. This is a default install, so no
packetfilter is involved. Would be nice to attach a dmesg output but
this won't work, becaus I just have this box remotely via Java KVM
(just the possibility to get screenshots of the VGA output).
I already tried to disable ACPI, SMP, MPBIOS.. tried to use PCI FIXUPs
and looked up the config dumps.. (if anyone need that of the fxp(4), I
do have them already as screens). I even tried to disable all
unnecessary parts of the computer, like the internal soundcard, nic,
firewire, usb or everything. There's no way to get this network card
working. The very very strange effect is, that in Linux everything
works and that confuses me the most. ;)
I want to have NetBSD, not Linux.. so please give me some hints or
responses according this issue.. maybe some possibilities to debug it
or so. I would be very pleased. :)

best regards,
Frederic 'jchome' Jaeckel

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