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Re: NetBSD4 INSTALL kernel fails to boot on A7000

Peter Howkins wrote:
> Hello,
>  I'm attempting to boot the INSTALL kernel from
> ftp://ftp.netbsd.org/pub/NetBSD/NetBSD-4.0/acorn32/installation/kernel/
> and get the following
> NetBSD/acorn32 booting ...
> Kernel loaded from file /INSTALL
> Kernel arg string(@0xf03e00a4) root=/dev/wd0a
> Boot configuration structure reports the following memory
>  DRAM block 0a at 10000000 size 04000000 DRAM block 0b at 18000000 size 
> 0028a000
>  DRAM block 1a at 18300000 size 00100000 DRAM block 1b at 00000000 size 
> 00000000
>  VRAM block 0   at 00000000 size 00000000
> panic: kernel diagnostic assertion "symstart != NULL && strstart !=
> NULL" failed: file "/home/builds
> /ab/netbsd-4-0-RELEASE/src/sys/kern/kern_ksyms.c", line 450
> Undefined instruction in kernel
> Stopped; curlwp = 0xf03dcc70, curproc is NULL at      0xf0134e50:
>    ldrb      r
> 15, [r15, r15, ror r15]!

I wonder (as the kernel is 3.8MB) if when booted it passes a 4MB limit.

Could you try the latest bootloader?  I did some work on it recently,
and it might have fixed this issue.  Note that a 4.x kernel should work
with it.


> A photo of the above output is available here.
> http://www.marutan.net/pics/netbsd4crash.jpg
> On a side note, I have managed to successfully install NetBSD 3.1 on
> the A7000 instead. Though I'm wondering are NetBSD 4 binary packages
> compatible with 3.1? Or is there an archive of 3.1 compiled packages?

Nope 4 binaries won't run on 3.1 (as they expect netbsd 4 libraries)

> I have managed to setup and run the pkgsrc system, it's rather clever.
> But given it took 2 days to compile net-snmp (1 day for the dependency
> perl), I figure the best for a 32MHz system would be binary :-)

Binaries would be the best option, even on a cats (with 233Mhz SA) I
don't build too much stuff.


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