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NetBSD4 INSTALL kernel fails to boot on A7000


 I'm attempting to boot the INSTALL kernel from


and get the following

NetBSD/acorn32 booting ...
Kernel loaded from file /INSTALL
Kernel arg string(@0xf03e00a4) root=/dev/wd0a

Boot configuration structure reports the following memory
 DRAM block 0a at 10000000 size 04000000 DRAM block 0b at 18000000 size 0028a000
 DRAM block 1a at 18300000 size 00100000 DRAM block 1b at 00000000 size 00000000
 VRAM block 0   at 00000000 size 00000000
panic: kernel diagnostic assertion "symstart != NULL && strstart !=
NULL" failed: file "/home/builds
/ab/netbsd-4-0-RELEASE/src/sys/kern/kern_ksyms.c", line 450
Undefined instruction in kernel
Stopped; curlwp = 0xf03dcc70, curproc is NULL at      0xf0134e50:
   ldrb      r
15, [r15, r15, ror r15]!

A photo of the above output is available here.


On a side note, I have managed to successfully install NetBSD 3.1 on
the A7000 instead. Though I'm wondering are NetBSD 4 binary packages
compatible with 3.1? Or is there an archive of 3.1 compiled packages?

I have managed to setup and run the pkgsrc system, it's rather clever.
But given it took 2 days to compile net-snmp (1 day for the dependency
perl), I figure the best for a 32MHz system would be binary :-)



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