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Installed - how to configure?

Having managed to get NetBSD 4 installed onto the hard disk in my second
RiscPC (ARM610, 36Mb RAM, 1Mb VRAM, RISC OS 4.39 ROMs) I cannot get it do do
anything other than boot into single user mode.

Attempting to run vi to edit rc.conf I get an error that the filing system
for temporary files in /var is read only and it doesn't open. I accepted te
offered partitioning scheme with a swap partition and a single partition for
the whole of /.

So a few basic questions (experience with Unix and similar systems is small):

How can I get the system to mount the file system r/w?

Are there any other editors I can use? I'm not really comfortable with vi (I
have used it a couple of times but need usage notes in front of me).

Is there a general configuration utility? I have used YAST on Linux a few
times in either text mode or GUI mode.

Is it possible to get a GUI running in single user mode?

Do you want to point me to the documentation instead of answering newbie
questions until I have this box doing something useful???



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