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Re: Please review wip/gcc45


> I have tested on DragonFly/i386 2.8.2.
> With PKG_DEVELOPER=YES in mk.conf file, I have gotten following error.

I got the same error on NetBSD with this in mk.conf ! Might be harmless,
since this is one of the darker corners of gcc, but I will take at
look at it. I can't remember right know, what sed is used for in the
binaries. Otherwise one could  install it with PKG_DEVELOPER=no, do a
make clean and try to compile something. What I will try next, is to make
lang/gcc44 with PKG_DEVELOPER=YES, to see if I get the same message there.
gcc45 was created as a copy of lang/gcc44 so this might help to exclude
some possibilities. But right know we talk about an installation issue,
so at least it compiles on Dragonfly and NetBSD. That's a first step
towards a working package. 

Have a nice day,



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