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Re: Avoiding getting .buildlink path in installed [python|ruby]scripts?

On 12/20/09 1:41 AM, OBATA Akio wrote:
> Hi!
> On Sun, 20 Dec 2009 07:20:23 +0900, Fredrik Pettai 
> <> wrote:
>> Two package examples:
>> wip/py-4Suite, which installs /usr/pkg/bin/4xml among many other files.
>> If I look at that python script more closely:
>> -bash-4.0$ head -1 /usr/pkg/bin/4xml
>> #!/usr/pkgsrc/wip/py-4Suite/work/.tools/bin/env python
>> wip/opendnssec, which installs /usr/pkg/bin/ods-kaspcheck among many
>> other files.
>> -bash-4.0$ head -1 /usr/pkg/bin/ods-kaspcheck
>> #!/usr/pkgsrc/wip/opendnssec/work/.buildlink/bin/ruby
>> -I/usr/pkg/lib/opendnssec
>> How do I solve this the "correct" way?
> You can replace those shebang
>   for python:
>    include lang/python/ and use REPLACE_PYTHON.
>   for ruby:
>    include lang/ruby/ and use REPLACE_RUBY.

That seems to be done in the pre-configure phase:

=> Replacing ruby18 interpreter in bin/ods-auditor bin/ods-kaspcheck.
WARNING: [replace-interpreter] Skipping non-existent file "bin/ods-auditor".
WARNING: [replace-interpreter] Skipping non-existent file

I need to do it in the post-build/pre-install phase, then the script
files have been built/generated.

>> Btw. wouldn't it be nice if PKG_DEVELOPER=yes would catch this? (It
>> already catches missing interpreters in installed script files)
> CHECK_WRKREF+= buildlink ? (from mk/check/

That didn't seem to trigger any warnings?
(I added it to the command line, eg. make PKG_DEVELOPER=yes
CHECK_WRKREF+=buildlink USE_DESTDIR=yes install)


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