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Re: Observations on KDE 4.2 in wip

On Wednesday 11 February 2009 15:34:04 David H. Gutteridge wrote:
> There are some minor issues I've encountered to date.  (I checked the
> TODO file to see if any of these things were mentioned, but I didn't
> see them.)

Need to add "Update the TODO" to the TODO :-)

> - Every time I hit Alt-F2 to use KRunner, it crashes almost right away,
> and dumps core.  (I haven't checked to see why, yet.)

I'm seeing this - haven't looked into it yet.

> - The Akonadi service tries to start itself and fails every time, e.g.
> after I try to use KRunner or Kopete.  (It seems very descriptive in
> its error message.)

yes.  The akonadi package claims that mysql is an optional dependency so 
currently we are building it without but this behaviour does suggest its 

> - The "new" mode start menu simply doesn't work for me.  It draws an
> initial outline of a window on the screen and then never fills it in.
> Switching it to "classic" mode works fine (which I prefer anyway).

Works for me (though I probably prefer "classic" as well).

> fixed things for me.  (I see the TODO file also references the idea of
> migrating some of this data.)

That was a reference to the fact that pkgsrc's kde3 user config lives under 
~/.kde/share/kde/... whereas kde4 lives under ~/.kde/share/... so kde4 
wont use any existing kde3 user config (and automatically update it if 
appropriate) because it wont see it.  If however you have some really old 
kde2 config lying around or some none pkgsrc kde3 it may well see that.
And yes stuff in Desktop is a separate issue and may well display oddly.

Another issue I know about is dolphin will segfault if "hald" is running.
Solid is making assumptions about the information available for "cd"s and I 
haven't worked through this enough to decide where exactly its happening 
and whether they are bogus assumptions or whether they are reasonable but 
our hal implementation just isn't supporting them yet.


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