Index of pkgsrc-wip-changes for May, 2016

Kamil Rytarowskilldb-git: Improve patch for linking issues
Thomas KlausnerMany packages: Fix breakage when python defaults to 3.5.
Kamil Rytarowskilldb-git: Remove patch, issue resolved upstream
Kamil Rytarowskilldb-git: Improve patch for Python detection
Kamil Rytarowskilldb-git: Sync CMake patches with current needs
Jim BernardImport texlive blindtext 2.0 as wip/tex-blindtext{,-doc}.
Jim Bernardtex-blindtext: use the options framework for language-support dependencies.
yourilxmenu-data: Fix config install.
Thomas Klausnermate-menus: allow only python-2.7
Thomas Klausnerupower: add two build dependencies to fix build of man pages.
coypuadd libpurple and otr options
coypubitlbee: update to 3.4.2
coypuimport bitlbee from pkgsrc
coypubitlbee: don't run daemon as root
coypulibquantum: update to 1.1.1 development version
coypuimport libquantum from pkgsrc
Mark Davieskdelibs4support: Import kdelibs4support-5.21.0
Mark DaviesMakefile: add kdelibs4support
Kamil Rytarowskicoreclr-git: Eliminate patches/ issues fixed upstream
Kamil Rytarowskillvm-git: Sync PLIST with upstream
Kamil Rytarowskilldb-git: DIsable py-six dependency for now (use builtin)
Kamil Rytarowskilldb-git: Resurrect scripts/CMakeLists.txt patch for now
Kamil Rytarowskicoreclr-git: Switch to devel version of the LLVM stack
Thomas Klausnersdlpop: add missing pkg-config tool.
Thomas Klausneremacs-current: remove patches, merged upstream.
coypuMakefile: +libquantum
Mark Davieskcoreaddons: add hack for posix_fallocate() in NetBSD>=7
Filip HajnyUpdate ruby-libv8 to
Mark Davieskpty: copy patches from kdelibs4
Thomas Klausnergrub2-current, p5-CGI-Application-Plugin-AutoRunmode: Reset maintainer
Mateusz Poszwauzbl-git: Update PLIST
Kamil Rytarowskicoreclr-git: Fix build with LLVM-3.9
Kamil Rytarowskicorefx-git: Build CoreFX against devel LLVM
Kamil Rytarowskilldb-git: Resume work on Process plugin @ NetBSD
Kamil Rytarowskilldb-git: Welcome to liblldbPluginProcessNetBSD.a
Kamil Rytarowskilldb-git: Use libedit(3) in wide manner
Thomas Klausnerclang-git: use git:// URL for repository
Thomas Klausnerllvm-git: update PLIST to match upstream changes.
Thomas Klausnerlldb-git: mark as for python-2.7 only.
Thomas Klausnerhtop: remove, used for updating sysutils/htop
Mateusz PoszwauTox-git: Update wip/uTox-git to 0.8.2
Filip HajnyUpdate riak to 2.1.4.
Thomas Klausnerpy-hgwatchman: remove, now part of mercurial itself (as "fsmonitor")
Yorick Hardycrawl-stone-soup: update to dungeon-crawl-stone-soup-0.18.1
Kamil Rytarowskillvm-git: Sync PLIST with upstream
Kamil Rytarowskicorefx-git: Fix build with LLVM-3.9
Kamil Rytarowskicorefx-git: Revamp patch for Kerberos, add Heimdal option
Thomas Klausnerhgsubversion: Add patch from upstream to fix build.
Thomas Klausnerpaxtest: add tool for testing pax functionality
Kamil Rytarowskicorert-git: Fix build on NetBSD - stop redefining SIZE_T_MAX
Kamil Rytarowskiradare2-git: Sync PLIST with upstream
Kamil Rytarowskicoreclr-git: Eliminate patches/ fixed upstream
Kamil Rytarowskillilc-git: Switch to Clang as only target by upstream
Kamil Rytarowskicorert-git: Eliminate patches/ issues fixed upstream
Kamil Rytarowskicorefx-git: Remove local patch for LLVM-3.9, fixed upstream
Kamil Rytarowskicoreclr-git: Correct clang/clang++ usage
Kamil Rytarowskillilc-git: Correct Clang/Clang++ usage
Kamil Rytarowskillilc-git: Sync PLIST with upstream
Kamil Rytarowskicoreclr-git: README: Add notes about location with tests
Kamil Rytarowskicorert-git: Correct the usage of clang/clang++
Kamil Rytarowskicorefx-git: Correct usage of clang/clang++
Thomas Klausner+ lumina-0.9.
Thomas Klausner+ debootstrap-1.0.81, py-xpra-0.17.1.
Thomas Klausnerpy-future, py-futures: remove, packages exist in main pkgsrc now
Leonardo Taccaripy-future{,s} users: adjust all packages to look for py-future{, s} in devel/
Mark Daviesoxygen-fonts: remove as imported to pkgsrc fonts.
Mark Daviesframeworkintegration: add and fix location of oxygen-fonts
Mark Daviesthreadweaver: add
Mark Davieskf5: use non-deprecated variable names.
Silas SilvaAdd tex-abntex2 with classes and packages for ABNT
Jonathan A. Kollaschocserv: Import ocserv-0.11.2 as wip/ocserv
Jonathan A. Kollaschocserv: update HOMEPAGE from url2pkg default
Mateusz Poszwai3-git: Add dependency on xcb-util-xrm
Mateusz Poszwaxcb-util-xrm: Import xcb-util-xrm-1.0 as wip/xcb-util-xrm
Olaf SeibertUpdate fs-uae-dev and fs-uau-launcher to 2.6.13dev.
Silas Silvatex-abntex were supplanted by tex-abntex2
Thomas Klausnerical2pcal: add new package
Mark Davieskde5: Add some support files for kde packages
Mark Daviesoxygen: Add oxygen-5.6.3
Mark Daviesgwenview: Add gwenview 16.04
Mark Davieskdecoration: Add kdecoration 5.6.3
Mark Davieskonsole: Add konsole 16.04.0
Mark Daviesark: Add ark 16.04.0
Mark Davieskcalc: Add kcalc 16.04.0
Mark Daviesfilelight: Add filelight 16.04.0
Mark Davieskde-runtime4: add kde-runtime4 from x11/kde-runtime4
Mark Davieskhelpcenter: Add khelpcenter 16.04.0
Mark Davieskjs: Add kjs 5.21.0
Mark Davieskhtml: Add khtml 5.21.0
Mark Davieskio-extras: Add kio-extras 16.04.0
Mark Davieskde-baseapps4: Add kde-baseapps4 from x11/kde-baseapps4
Mark Daviesbaloo-widgets: Add baloo-widgets 16.04.0
Mark Daviesdolphin5: Add dolphin 10.04.0
Mark Davieskscreen: Add kscreen 5.6.3
Mark Daviesplasma-workspace: Add plasma-workspace 5.6.3
Mark Daviesbreeze: Add breeze 5.6.3
Mark Davieskactivitymanagerd: Add kactivitymanagerd 5.6.3
Mark Davieskde-cli-tools: Add kde-cli-tools 5.6.3
Mark Davieskjsembed: Add kjsembed 5.21.0
Mark Davieskwin: Add kwin 5.6.3
Mark Davieskscreenlocker: Add kscreenlocker 5.6.3
Mark Davieswayland: Add wayland 1.9.90
Mark Davieskwayland: Add kwayland 5.6.3
Mark Davieskget: Add kget from net/kget
Mark Davieslibkscreen: Add libkscreen 5.6.3
Mark Davieslibksysguard: Add libksysguard 5.6.3
Mark Daviesksysguard: Add ksysguard 5.6.3
Mark Daviespolkit-kde-agent: Add polkit-kde-agent 5.6.3
Mark Daviessystemsettings: Add systemsettings 5.6.3
Mark Daviesmilou: Add milou 5.6.3
Mark Davieskrunner: Add krunner 5.21.0
Mark Daviesplasma-integration: Add plasma-integration 5.6.3
Mark Daviesdolphin-plugins: Add dolphin-plugins 10.04.0
Mark Daviesplasma-workspace-wallpapers: Add plasma-workspace-wallpapers 5.6.3
Mark Daviesplasma-desktop: Add plasma-desktop 5.6.3
Mark Davieskhotkeys: Add khotkeys 5.6.3
Mark Davieskmenuedit: Add kmenuedit 5.6.3
Mark DaviesMakefile: add lots of kde packages
Mark Daviesplasma-workspace: make sure QT bin dir is on path
Thomas Klausnerfirefox-git: remove patch that was merged upstream.
Thomas KlausnerMakefile: remove inclusion of non-existent file:
Thomas Klausnerpraat: new package
Thomas KlausnerMakefile: sync.
Thomas Klausnerfirefox-hg: Add patch fixing build on NetBSD.
Thomas Klausnerfirefox-hg: add upstream bug report URL to patch.
Kamil Rytarowskiradare2-git: Sync PLIST with upstream
Jason BaconImport bowtie2-2.2.7 as wip/bowtie2.
Jason BaconAdd new pkg bowtie2 to Makefile
Jason BaconImport jellyfish-2.2.0 as wip/jellyfish2.
Jason BaconAdd new package jellyfish2 to Makefile
Mateusz PoszwauTox-git: Update a patch
Thomas Klausnerfirefox-hg: remove three patches that were merged upstream.
Jason BaconUpdate parafly from jb-wip
Jason BaconImport fastool-0.1.4 as wip/fastool.
Jason BaconAdd new package fastool to Makefile
Jason BaconImport p5-transdecoder-2.0.1 as wip/p5-transdecoder.
Jason BaconAdd new package p5-transdecoder to Makefile
Jason BaconImport Trimmomatic-0.35 as wip/trimmomatic.
Jason BaconAdd new package trimmomatic to Makefile
Jason BaconImport rsem-1.2.30 as wip/rsem.
Jason BaconAdd new package rsem to Makefile
Jason BaconImport slclust-02022010 as wip/slclust.
Jason BaconAdd new package slclust to Makefile
Jason Baconmake makesum to bring distinfos up to date.
Jason BaconUpdate htslib from jb-wip
Mateusz Poszwadunst: Import dunst-1.1.0
Jason BaconImport samtools-1.3 as wip/samtools.
Jason BaconAdd new package samtools to Makefile
Jason BaconUpdate trinity from jb-wip
Jason BaconUpdate jellyfish from jb-wip
Jason BaconImport tophat-2.1.1 as wip/tophat.
Jason BaconAdd new package tophat to Makefile
Jason BaconImport scythe-2016.02.10 as wip/scythe.
Jason BaconAdd new package scythe to Makefile
Jason BaconImport sickle-1.33 as wip/sickle.
Jason BaconAdd new package sickle to Makefile
Jason BaconUpdate cufflinks from jb-wip
Jason BaconImport py27-htseq-0.6.1p1 as wip/py-htseq.
Jason BaconAdd new package py-htseq to Makefile
Jason BaconImport rainbow-2.0.4 as wip/rainbow.
Jason BaconAdd new package rainbow to Makefile
Jason BaconImport parallel-20151122 as wip/parallel.
Jason BaconAdd new package parallel to Makefile
Jason BaconImport antlr-2.7.7 as wip/antlr.
Jason BaconAdd new package antlr to Makefile
Jason BaconImport /home/bacon/Pkgsrc/pkgsrc-2016Q1/wip/udunits2 udunits-2.2.20 as wip /udunits2.
Jason BaconAdd new package udunits2 to Makefile
Jason BaconImport /home/bacon/Pkgsrc/pkgsrc-2016Q1/wip/ vcftools vcftools-0.1.14 as wip/vcftools.
Jason BaconAdd new package vcftools to Makefile
Jason BaconImport /home/bacon/Pkgsrc/pkgsrc-2016Q1/wip/stacks stacks-1.35 as wip/ stacks.
Jason BaconAdd new package stacks to Makefile
Jason BaconImport /home/bacon/Pkgsrc/pkgsrc-2016Q1/wip/ seqtk seqtk-4feb6e81444ab6bc44139dd3a125068f81ae4ad8 as wip/seqtk.
Jason BaconAdd new package seqtk to Makefile
Jason BaconImport /home/bacon/Pkgsrc/pkgsrc-2016Q1/wip/bamtools bamtools-2.4.0 as wip /bamtools.
Jason BaconAdd new package bamtools to Makefile
Jason BaconImport /home/bacon/Pkgsrc/pkgsrc-2016Q1/wip/ bedtools2 bedtools2-2.23.0 as wip/bedtools2.
Jason BaconAdd new package bedtools2 to Makefile
Jason BaconImport /home/bacon/Pkgsrc/pkgsrc-2016Q1/wip/pear pear-merger-0.9.6 as wip/ pear.
Jason BaconAdd new package pear to Makefile
Jason BaconImport /home/bacon/Pkgsrc/pkgsrc-2016Q1/wip/ filevercmp filevercmp-261142f1529f6b7464f6ad96d0c77872ff919849 as wip/ filevercmp.
Jason BaconAdd new package filevercmp to Makefile
Jason BaconImport /home/bacon/Pkgsrc/pkgsrc-2016Q1/wip/blasr blasr-2015.08.17 as wip/ blasr.
Jason BaconAdd new package blasr to Makefile
Jason Baconstructure: Fix buildlink category
Jason Baconganglia-monitor-core: Fix buildlink category
Jason Baconlmod: Fix category
Jason BaconImport /home/bacon/Pkgsrc/pkgsrc-2016Q1/wip/gmap gmap-2014.07.04 as wip/ gmap.
Jason BaconAdd new package gmap to Makefile
Jason BaconImport /home/bacon/Pkgsrc/pkgsrc-2016Q1/wip/ gtextutils libgtextutils-0.7 as wip/gtextutils.
Jason BaconAdd new package gtextutils to Makefile
Thomas KlausnerRe: Import tophat-2.1.1 as wip/tophat.
Jason BaconRemove FETCH_USING, separate multiple variable assignments, remove some cruft
Jason Baconantlr, parallel, rainbow: Minor clean up
Leonardo Taccarijrnl: Import jrnl-1.9.7 as wip/jrnl
Jason BaconRemove obsolete packages ape, twintk, libbacon, libpare
Jason BaconMultiple packages: Update maintainer email
Jason BaconMove old slurm pkg aside to make way for latest version
Jason Baconbamtools, gmap: Remove cruft
Jason BaconImport /home/bacon/Pkgsrc/pkgsrc-2016Q1/wip/slurm slurm-15.08.11 as wip/ slurm.
Jason BaconAdd new package slurm to Makefile
coypulivestreamer: use one category
Thomas Klausnerfirefox-hg: Add upstream bug report URL.
Jason BaconImport /home/bacon/Pkgsrc/pkgsrc-2016Q1/wip/ slurm-devel slurm-16.05.0 as wip/slurm-devel.
Jason BaconAdd new package slurm-devel to Makefile
Thomas Klausnerfirefox-hg: Add comment to patches.
Jason BaconImport /home/bacon/Pkgsrc/pkgsrc-2016Q1/wip/ slurm-spank-x11 slurm-spank-x11-0.2.5 | tail -n 1 as wip/slurm-spank-x11.
Jason BaconAdd new package slurm-spank-x11 to Makefile
Thomas Klausnerlivestreamer: remove, imported to multimedia/livestreamer
Jason Baconslurm-devel: Generate new plist
Jason BaconPretty up Makefile
Jason Baconslurm-devel: Remove WRKDIR references from example Makefile
Kamil Rytarowskilldb-git: Remove patches applied upstream
atomiculesUpdate VIPS to version 8.3.1
Yorick Hardyopenfodder: Import openfodder-1.0.0 as wip/openfodder
Yorick Hardysdlpop: Make PKGNAME lowercase, and consistent with the data directory
Mark Daviesam-utils: Recent Linux wants the parent ctime to change as well.
Mark Davieskwrited: Add kwrited 5.6.3
Mark Davieskinfocenter: Add kinfocenter 5.6.3
Mark Davieskgamma5: Add kgamma5 5.6.3
Mark Daviesksshaskpass: Add ksshaskpass 5.6.3
Mark Daviesbreeze-gtk: Add breeze-gtk 5.6.3
Mark Davieskde-gtk-config: Add kde-gtk-config 5.6.3
Mark Daviesbreeze-kde4: Add breeze-kde4 5.6.3
Mark DaviesMakefile: add more plasma5 packages
atomiculesUpdate elinks snapshot
Kamil Rytarowskilldb-git: Resurrect build on NetBSD-7.0
Kamil Rytarowskilldb-git: Rebase local ProcessNetBSD to HEAD
Kamil Rytarowskillvm-git: Sync PLIST with upstream
Kamil Rytarowskiclang-git: Sync PLIST with upstream
Kamil RytarowskiImport simgrid-v3_13 as wip/simgrid.
Jason Baconfbsd2pkg: Upgrade to 0.4
Jason BaconImport /home/bacon/Pkgsrc/pkgsrc-2016Q1/wip/ cufflinks-2.2.1 cufflinks-2.2.1 | tail -n 1 as wip/cufflinks-2.2.1.
Jason BaconAdd new package cufflinks-2.2.1 to Makefile
Jason BaconImport /home/bacon/Pkgsrc/pkgsrc-2016Q1/wip/denyhosts DenyHosts-2.6 as wip /denyhosts.
Jason BaconAdd new package denyhosts to Makefile
Kamil Rytarowskicorefx-git: Remobe merged patches upstream
Jason BaconAttempt to patch gres.c for NetBSD
Jason BaconAdd patches for NetBSD
Jason BaconHacks to get gres.c compiling
Jason BaconSuccessful build on NetBSD 6
Kamil Rytarowskilldb-git: Drop unneded patches
Jason BaconClean up
Jason BaconMerge plists
Jason BaconSuccessful build on NetBSD
Jason BaconPatches for NetBSD
Jason BaconClean up NetBSD patches
Jason BaconImport patches from slurm pkg
Jason BaconAdd comment to NetBSD patch
Jason BaconAdd to REPLACE_PYTHON, document reason for PLIST inconsistency in TODO
Jason BaconFollow suggestions of pkglint -Wall
Nils Ratusznikimported py-wheel as devel/py-wheel and updated dependancies accordingly
Nils Ratusznikpy-wheel is now in devel/py-wheel
Richard PALOremove gnome2 conflicts from mate-applets
Richard PALOremove gnome2 conflicts from mate-screensaver
Nils Ratusznikimported py-ruamel-base as devel/ py-ruamel-base and updated dependancies accordingly
Nils Ratusznikimported py-ruamel-yaml as devel/ py-ruamel-yaml and updated dependancies accordingly
Leonardo Taccarinewsbeuter: install man pages without the executable bit set
Nils Ratusznikimported py-whichcraft as devel/ py-whichcraft and updated dependancies accordingly
Nils Ratusznikpy-whichcraft is now in devel/py-whichcraft
Nils Ratusznikimported py-binaryornot as devel/ py-binaryornot and updated dependancies accordingly
Jason BaconRemove obsolete patch from task.c
Jason Baconslurm-devel: Clean up Makefile and patches, merge plists
Jason Baconslurm-devel: make makepatchsum
Jason Baconslurm-devel: Upgrade from rc1 to rc2
Nils Ratusznikimported py-cookiecutter as devel/py-cookiecutter
Jason Baconslurm, slurm-devel: Clean up patches, Makefile, and merge plists per pkglint -Wall
Jason Baconslurm, slurm-devel: Add cpuset_destroy() to NetBSD patch
Jason Baconslurm, slurm-devel: Guard cpuset_destroy() with #ifdef __NetBSD__
Jason Baconslurm: Add json-c dep to ensure cray support and consistent PLIST
Jason Baconslurm: Remove experimental setup script
Jason BaconImport /home/bacon/Pkgsrc/pkgsrc-2016Q1/wip/ man2html man2html-3.0.1 | tail -n 1 as wip/man2html.
Jason BaconAdd new package man2html to Makefile
Jason Baconslurm: Patch configure to use ${PREFIX} instead of /usr/local
Nils Ratusznikimported py-ruamel-ordereddict as devel/ py-ruamel-ordereddict and updated dependancies accordingly
Havard EidnesUpgrade ansible-junos-stdlib to version 1.3.1.
Havard EidnesAdd dependencies this package actually depend on.
Thomas Klausnermate-screensaver: avoid duplicate post-install targets
Thomas Klausnermate-*: no python-2.7
Havard EidnesFix dependency pattern as per hint from wiz@
Thomas Klausnerdebootstrap: update to 1.0.81.
Thomas KlausnerTODO: remove debootstrap, update done.
yourimate-sensors-applet: Fix build on NetBSD, from Richard PALO.
Thomas Klausner+ qtcreator-4.0.0.
Thomas Klausnerslurm: put LICENSE in MAINTAINER section
Thomas Klausnerlgogdownloader-git: switch to tinyxml2 to fix build.
Thomas Klausnerfirefox-hg: remove patch that was integrated upstream
Thomas Klausnerfirefox-hg: update PLIST for upstream changes.
Quentin Glidiceventd: Initial package
Kamil RytarowskiImport qt5-qtbase-5.5.1nb6 as wip/qt5-qtbase-git.
Kamil Rytarowskiqt5-qtbase-git: Switch to GIT
Kamil Rytarowskiqt5-qtbase-git: Set WRKSRC
Thomas Klausnerfirefox-hg: sync PLIST with upstream
Thomas Klausnerfirefox-hg: remove unnecessary patch now that nss-hg installs nss-config.
Thomas Klausnernss-hg: add nss-config script.
Silas SilvaAdd version numbers for dependencies
Leonardo Taccarizbar: fix build with ImageMagick-7
youriDelete polkit, imported in pkgsrc.
yourispidermonkey17: delete, imported in pkgsrc.
Izaac- initial checking of uthash
Izaacfixup ... not in my local anymore
yourilibdbusmenu: remove, imported in pkgsrc.
yourilibdbusmenu-gtk: remove, imported in pkgscr.
yourilibdbusmenu-glib: remove, imported in pkgsrc.
yourilibdbusmenu-gtk: remove, imported in pkgsrc.
yourilibdbusmenu-gtk3: remove, imported in pkgsrc.
yourilibdbusmenu-jsonloader: remove, imported in pkgsrc
yourilibdbusmenu-tools: remove, imported in pkgsrc
yourilibindicator: remove, imported in pkgsrc
yourilibindicator3: remove, imported in pkgsrc
yourilibappindicator: remove, imported in pkgsrc.
yourilibappindicator3: remove, imported in pkgsrc.
yourilibindicator-tools: remove, imported in pkgsrc.
youriSync Makefile.
youriatril: remove, imported in pkgsrc.
yourilibmatekbd: remove, imported in pkgsrc.
yourilibmatemixer: remove, imported in pkgsrc.
youriremove mate, imported in pkgsrc.
yourilibmateweather: remove, imported in pkgsrc.
yourimate-applets: remove, imported in pkgsrc.
yourimate-backgrounds: remove, imported in pkgsrc.
yourimate-common: remove, imported in pkgsrc.
yourimate-control-center: remove, imported in pkgsrc.
yourimate-desktop: remove, imported in pkgsrc.
yourimate-icon-theme: remove, imported in pkgsrc.
yourimate-indicator-applet: remove, imported in pkgsrc.o
yourimate-menus: remove, imported in pkgsrc.
yourimate-media: remove, imported in pkgsrc.
yourimate-netbook: remove, imported in pkgsrc.
yourimate-notification-daemon: remove, imported in pkgsrc.
yourimate-panel: remove, imported in pkgsrc.
yourimate-polkit: remove, imported in pkgsrc
yourimate-power-manager: remove, imported in pkgsrc.
yourimate-screensaver: remove, imported in pkgsrc.
yourimate-sensors-applet: remove, imported in pkgsrc.
yourimate-session-manager: remove, imported in pkgsrc.
yourimate-settings-daemon: remove, imported in pkgsrc.
yourimate-system-monitor: remove, imported in pkgsrc.
yourimate-terminal: remove, imported in pkgsrc.
yourimate-themes: remove, imported in pkgscr.
youricaja-dropbox: remove, imported in pkgsrc.
youricaja-extensions: remove, imported in pkgsrc.
yourimate-user-share: remove, imported in pkgsrc.
youricaja: remove, imported in pkgsrc.
yourimate-utils: remove, imported in pkgsrc.
yourimozo: remove, imported in pkgsrc.
yourieom: remove, imported in pkgsrc.
youriengrampa: remove, imported in pkgsrc.
youripluma: remove, imported in pkgsrc.
Kamil Rytarowskiobconf-qt: Update license to gnu-gpl-v2
Kamil Rytarowskisimgrid: Use gfortran
Kamil Rytarowskiqt5-qtbase-git: First round of rediffing patches for 5.6
Kamil Rytarowskiqt5-qtbase-git: Check for packages in wip/, before calling qmake
Kamil Rytarowskiupower: Update wip/polkit -> security/polkit
Kamil Rytarowskisystem-tools-backends: Update wip/polkit -> security/polkit
Kamil Rytarowskilxsession: Update wip/polkit -> security/polkit
Kamil Rytarowskilxqt-policykit: Update wip/polkit -> security/polkit
Kamil Rytarowskignome-control-center: Update wip/polkit -> security/polkit
Kamil Rytarowskignome-settings-daemon: Update wip/polkit -> security/polkit
Kamil Rytarowskiconsolekit: Update wip/polkit -> security/polkit
Kamil Rytarowskipolkit-qt5: Update wip/polkit -> security/polkit
Kamil Rytarowskiaccountsservice: Update wip/polkit -> security/polkit
Kamil Rytarowskicolord: Update wip/polkit -> security/polkit
Kamil Rytarowskignome-panel: Update wip/polkit -> security/polkit
Kamil Rytarowskignome3: Update to 3.21.1
Kamil RytarowskiMakefile: Rename gnome to gnome3
Kamil Rytarowskignome: Rename to gnome3
Kamil RytarowskiImport gnome-core-3.20.2 as wip/gnome-core.
Kamil RytarowskiImport tracker-1.8.0 as wip/gnome-tracker.
Kamil Rytarowskignome-tracker: Set PKGNAME to gnome-tracker
Thomas Klausnerfirefox-hg: sync PLIST with upstream.
Thomas Klausner+ include-what-you-use-0.6, py-xpra-0.17.2.
Mateusz PoszwauTox-git: Update wip/uTox-git to 0.9.0
youriSync Makefile.
Thomas Klausnergitglk: remove git to gitglk to match PKGNAME.
yourimate-icon-theme-faenza: remove, imported in pkgsrc.
youriImport libfm-extra-1.2.4 as wip/libfm-extra.
youri Separate extra library in its own package to avoid circular dependency introduced in newer libfm /menu-cache.
Kamil Rytarowskilumina: Update to 0.9.0
Kamil Rytarowskignome-tracker: Use gmake and fix build
yourilibfm: remove, imported in pkgsrc.
youriSync Makefile.
yourilibfm-extra: remove, imported in pkgsrc.
Kamil Rytarowskignome-tracker: Add conflict with audio/tracker
Kamil Rytarowskignome-tracker: Use CONF_FILES for etc/
youri- pcmanfm
youripcmanfm: remove, updated in pkgsrc.
Kamil Rytarowskignome-tracker: Fix python shebangs; simplify CONF_FILES
Kamil Rytarowskignome-core: Remove trash files
Kamil Rytarowskignome-core: Add bijiben and gnome-tracker
Kamil Rytarowskignome-tracker: Add bl3
Kamil Rytarowskignome-tracker: Fix distinfo
Kamil RytarowskiImport bijiben-3.20.2 as wip/bijiben.
Kamil RytarowskiMakefile: Add bijiben
Kamil Rytarowskibijiben: Require evolution-data-server
Kamil RytarowskiMakefile: Remove dconf-editor
Kamil RytarowskiMakefile: Remove dconf
Kamil Rytarowskidconf-editor: Remove, devel/dconf-editor is newer
Kamil Rytarowskignome-core: Add more entries from Gnome Core Suite
Kamil Rytarowskidconf: Remove, devel/dconf is newer
Kamil RytarowskiImport caribou-0.4.20 as wip/caribou.
Kamil Rytarowskignome-core: Add caribou
Kamil RytarowskiMakefile: Add caribou
Kamil Rytarowskicaribou: Fix installation (add PY_PATCHPLIST)
Thomas KlausnerTODO: remove lumina, update done
Thomas Klausnergnome-tracker: fix CONFLICTS line
yourilxsession-edit: remove obsolete package.
youriremove, updated in pkgsrc.
youriSync Makefile.
yourilxpanel: Fix config installation and enable a couple of plugins
yourilxmenu-data: Fix menu file installation.
yourilxde: update package location after imports in pkgsrc.
yourilxmenu-data: remove, imported in pkgsrc.
yourilxpanel: remove, imported in pkgsrc.
yourilxde: fix lxmenu-data path.
yourilxde-common: remove, imported in pkgsrc.
yourilxde: update lxde-common path.
yourilxde: update lxrandr path.
yourilxappearance: remove, imported in pkgsrc.
yourilxrandr: remove, imported in pkgsrc.
yourilxterminal: remove, imported in pkgsrc.
yourilxde: update lxterminal path.
yourilxlauncher: remove, imported in pkgsrc.
youriSync Makefile
yourilxde: update lxde-icon-theme path.
yourilxde-icon-theme: remove, imported in pkgsrc.
youri- lxinput
yourilxinput: remove, imported in pkgsrc.
youriUpdate lxtask path.
youri- lxtask
yourilxtask: remove, imported in pkgsrc.
yourilxshortcut: remove deprecated package supplanted by libfm
yourilxde: remove, imported in pkgsrc.
Leonardo Taccaristfl: Update wip/stfl to 0.24.
Leonardo Taccaristfl: no need to specify NO_INSTALL_MANPAGES
Leonardo Taccari-{newsbeuter,stfl}: imported in pkgsrc
Filip Hajny Update letsencrypt to 0.6.0. The software changed name to certbot meanwhile , so adjust package names and directories accordingly. No usable changelog was provided.
Filip HajnyRemove pgpool2, imported as databases/pgpool2.
Kamil RytarowskiMakefile: Remove glib-networking, net/glib-networking is newer
Kamil Rytarowskiglib-networking: Remove, net/glib-networking is newer
Kamil RytarowskiMakefile: -grilo, Remove net/grilo is newer
Kamil Rytarowskigrilo: Remove net/grilo is newer
Kamil RytarowskiMakefile: -gsettings-desktop-schemas
Kamil Rytarowskigsettings-desktop-schemas: Remove, sysutils/ gsettings-desktop-schemas is newer
Kamil Rytarowskignome-core: Add entries from libfolks to gupnp-igd
Kamil Rytarowskignome-core: Cleanup
Kamil RytarowskiMakefile: -gnome-librest
Kamil Rytarowskignome-librest: Remove, older than www/librest07
Kamil Rytarowskignome-core: Add entries from gvfs to zenity
Kamil Rytarowskicaribou: Require glib2/
Kamil Rytarowskignome-core: Cleanup
Kamil Rytarowskiqt5-qtbase-git: Drop local patches
Kamil Rytarowskignome-core: Note that wing is Windows only
Kamil Rytarowskiqt5-qtbase: Sync distinfo
Kamil RytarowskiImport sushi-3.20.0 as wip/sushi.
Kamil RytarowskiMakefile: +sushi
Kamil Rytarowskignome-core: Add sushi
Kamil RytarowskiImport gnome-todo-3.20.2 as wip/gnome-todo.
Kamil Rytarowskilumina: Set version 0.9.0 - drop patch
Mark DaviesMakefile: remove kf5
Mark Davieskf5: remove kf5 - imported to pkgsrc
Mark Davieskdelibs4support: fix dependency locations
Mark Davieskhtml: fix dependency locations
Mark Davies{kjs,kjsembed,krunner}: fix dependency locations
Mark Davies{baloo-widgets,gwenview,plasma-*}: fix dependency locations
Mark Daviesbreeze: fix dependency locations
Mark Daviesoxygen: fix dependency locations
Mark Davies{dolphin5,kio-extras}: fix dependency locations
Mark Davies{kde-cli-tools,khotkeys,kinfocenter,kwin, systemsettings} fix dependency locations
Mark Daviespolkit-kde-agent: fix dependency locations
Mark Davieskwrited: fix dependency locations
Mark Davieskscreenlocker: fix dependency locations
Mark Davies{kde-gtk-config,ksysguard}: fix dependency locations
Mark Davies{ark,dolphin-plugins,filelight,kcalc,kgamma5, khelpcenter} fix dependency locations
Mark Davies{kmenuedit,konsole,ksshaskpass,libksysguard, milou} fix dependency locations
Mark Davieslxqt-panel: fix dependency locations
Kamil Rytarowskillvm-git: Sync PLIST with upstream
Kamil Rytarowskilumina: Stop altering paths -- move remaining issues upstream
Kamil Rytarowskiclang-git: Sync PLIST with upstream
Kamil Rytarowskibijiben: Require webkit24-gtk3
Kamil Rytarowskillvm-git: Sync PLIST with upstream
Mark Davieskactivitymanagerd,plasma-integration: fix dependency locations
Mark Daviesliblxqt: fix dependency locations
Mark Davieskscreen: fix dependency locations
Pierre ProncheryRemove xterm (imported in pkgsrc)
Kamil Rytarowskibijiben: Require net/gnome-online-accounts
Kamil Rytarowskilldb-git: Regenerate lldb-git/PLIST
Kamil Rytarowskilldb-git: Drop Process NetBSD plugin -- needs to be redone in a different way to support remote debugging
Kamil Rytarowskibijiben: We need evolution-data-server 3.x
Mark Daviesremove kf5 - imported to pkgsrc.
Kamil Rytarowskicairo-dock-plugins: Revamp dependencies (build still broken)
Kamil Rytarowskiqt5-qtbase-git: Cherry-pick from upstream review
Kamil Rytarowskicheese: Update location of gsettings-desktop-schemas from wip/ to sysutils /
Kamil Rytarowskiempathy: Update location of gsettings-desktop-schemas from wip/ to sysutils/
Kamil Rytarowskiepiphany: Update location of gsettings-desktop-schemas from wip/ to sysutils/
Kamil Rytarowskignome-applets: Update location of polkit from wip/ to security/
Kamil Rytarowskignome-control-center: Update location of grilo from wip/ to net/
Kamil Rytarowskignome-panel: Update location of gsettings-desktop-schemas from wip/ to sysutils/
Kamil Rytarowskignome-settings-daemon: Update location of gsettings-desktop-schemas from wip/ to sysutils/
Kamil RytarowskiMakefile: -gnome-main-menu
Kamil Rytarowskignome-main-menu: Remove -- it's no longer a part of mate 1.14
Kamil Rytarowskipcmanfm-qt: Update patch of libfm: wip/ -> sysutils/
Kamil Rytarowskipcmanfm-qt: Update patch of libfm: wip/ -> sysutils/
Kamil Rytarowskiristretto: Update patch of xfce4-thunar: wip/ -> sysutils/
Kamil Rytarowskitotem: Update path of grilo: wip/ -> net/
youriristretto: remove, pkgsrc version is newer.
youriSync Makefile
youriawflwm: long dead projects, remove.
Thomas Klausneremacs-current: update PLIST for upstream changes
Kamil RytarowskiGNUMail-pgp: Remove unsupported PKG_DESTDIR_SUPPORT=none option
Kamil RytarowskiChinput: Drop PKG_DESTDIR_SUPPORT=none
Quentin Glidiceventd: Bump to 0.18.1
Kamil Rytarowskicarnival: Drop, last release in 2005, unmaintained, dependencies (wxgtk24) no longer met
Kamil Rytarowskignome-control-center: Fix path to gsettings-desktop-schemas, wip/ -> sysutils/
Kamil Rytarowskikaffe: Drop PKG_DESTDIR_SUPPORT=none
Kamil Rytarowskilibksysguard: Fix path to plasma-framework, wip/ -> x11/
Kamil Rytarowskilxqt-panel: Drop removed dependency (deprecated upstream) wip/ liblxqt-mount
Kamil Rytarowskiqtractor: Remove obsoleted dependency (x11/qt5-dbus)
Kamil Rytarowskitor-dev: Drop, net/tor is newer
Thomas Klausnerfirefox-hg: sync PLIST with upstream.
Kamil RytarowskiDrop from packages "PKG_DESTDIR_SUPPORT= none"
Thomas Klausnerpy-pkginfo: remove, imported to pkgsrc some time ago.
Thomas Klausnercowpatty: fix build with make -j.