Index of pkgsrc-wip-changes for January, 2016

coypuUpdate misc/ansiweather to 1.06
Kamil Rytarowskiansiweather: Remove, used to update misc/ansiweather to 1.06
Kamil Rytarowskiradare2-git: Sync PLIST with upstream
coypuImport www/logswan version 1.01 from pkgsrc
coypulogswan: update to 1.03
Benny SiegertAdd what I have for p6-panda.
Sevan JaniyanUpdate to 2.2.5
Thomas Klausner+ py-xpra-0.16.0, qmc2-0.59.
Gianni D'Aprileimport twemproxy v0.4.1
Gianni D'Aprilep5-xmlsig: g/c unused
Gianni D'Aprileperl bindings for Verisign's XMLSIG v1.0.1 library
Sevan JaniyanRemove workaround for v2.1.6 of wip/libressl on NetBSD
Kamil Rytarowskipolkit: Update to 0.113 and regenerate patches
Leonardo Taccarispidermonkey24: various misc fixes
Leonardo Taccaritidy: Update wip/tidy to 5.1.25.
Leonardo Taccariedbrowse: Import edbrowse- as wip/edbrowse
Thomas Klausneremacs-current: adapt PLIST to upstream changes.
Leonardo Taccaritidy: add a TODO file with the tasks needed to do before importing it
Leonardo Taccariedbrowse: add a patch to avoid NULL pointer dereference.
Sevan JaniyanLibreSSL has now been imported into pkgsrc
Thomas Klausnerfirefox-hg: bump version and update PLIST to match upstream.
Paul Lecuq - updated bareos to 15.2.2 - configuration files location changes - avoiding , useless with pkgsrc - changes in rc.d scripts
Leonardo Taccaritidy: add more information in the TODO
Jonathan Buschmannmsgpack-git: Change version to 1.3.0
Jonathan Buschmannjemalloc: Update to 4.0.4
Paul Lecuq - make use of master site handling to Makefile - use more variables - add PKGREVISION =1 to the package for this commit
Gianni D'Aprilelink my recent packages. fix cherokee to make cherokee-admin work again.
Gianni D'Aprilerestore lost patch.
Kamil RytarowskiImport edb-debugger-0.9.20 as wip/edb-debugger.
Kamil Rytarowskiedb-debugger: Fix do-configure
Kamil Rytarowskiedb-debugger: Add initial patchset for the NetBSD platform
Kamil Rytarowskiedb-debugger: use -makefile option to qmake
Kamil Rytarowskiedb-debugger: message($$QMAKE_HOST.arch) shows amd64 on NetBSD
Kamil Rytarowskiedb-debugger: Clone openbsd support bits to new netbsd target
Kamil Rytarowskiedb-debugger: Define USE_LANGAUGES as: c c++
Kamil Rytarowskiedb-debugger: Remove openbsd specific code from netbsd/
Thomas KlausnerRemove py-yenc, imported to pkgsrc.
Filip HajnyUpdate Consul deps, this lets us get rid of the patches, as changes have been implemented with the respective upstreams, some mentioned in the original SmartOS support ticket:
Thomas Klausnerfirefox-hg: Update PLIST for upstream changes.
Filip HajnyBump PKGREVISION for Consul for the dependency changes
Kamil Rytarowskillvm-git: Sync PLIST with upstream changes
Kamil RytarowskiMakefile: +edb-debugger
Kamil Rytarowskiclang-git: Sync PLIST with recent upstream changes
Kamil Rytarowskilldb-git: Sync PLIST with upstream
Thomas Klausnerpy-xpra: update to 0.16.0.
Filip HajnyUpdate consul to 0.6.1.
K.I.A.Derouichenew package in wip: py-goless py-go
K.I.A.Derouichere-import socnetv
K.I.A.Derouiche+py-bolos in wip
Thomas Klausnerlilypond-git: hack the configure script until it accepts tex-gyre.
Kamil Rytarowskipulseaudio-git: Regenerate PLIST for upstream changes
Kamil Rytarowskipicocom: Reset PKGREVISION
Kamil Rytarowskipulseaudio-git: Local patch has been merged
Thomas Klausnerfirefox-hg: update PLIST to current hg head.
Paul LecuqAdded example configurations file and missing sql files to PLIST
Christian KochAdd disque-1.0-rc1 as wip/disque.
Christian KochMakefile: +disque
Thomas Klausnerfirefox-hg: update PLIST to upstream changes.
Benny SiegertUpdate p5-Data-Random to 0.12.
Benny SiegertRemove p5-Data-Random, now in devel in pkgsrc proper.
Christian Kochdma: Import the DragonFly Mail Agent as wip/dma.
Thomas Klausner+ gwyddion-2.44.
Leonardo Taccaripdf-redact-tools: Import pdf-redact-tools-0.1 as wip/pdf-redact-tools
Christian Kochopenclonk: Add OpenClonk 6.1 as wip/openclonk.
Leonardo Taccaripy-pdfrw: Import py-pdfrw-0.2 as wip/py-pdfrw
Leonardo Taccarimat: Import mat-0.6.1 as wip/mat
Leonardo Taccarimat: add a TODO
Kamil RytarowskiImport aha-0.4.8 as wip/aha.
Kamil Rytarowskiaha: Improve project Makefile to be more generic
Kamil Rytarowskiaha: Makefile is now BSD-compat
Kamil Rytarowskiaha: Comment the patch
Kamil Rytarowskiaha: pkglint -Wall -Call
Kamil Rytarowskiaha: Remove, imported as textproc/aha
Thomas KlausnerTODO: + ardour-4.6
Thomas Klausnerpianobar: add new package
Kamil RytarowskiMakefile: -logswan. Newer version in pkgsrc
Kamil Rytarowskilogswan: Remove. Newer version in pkgsrc
Thomas Klausnerpy-pithos: add incomplete package.
Marina Brownadd wanderer package
Filip HajnyUpdate wip/fswatch to 1.7.0.
Marina Brownremove spurious coding echos
Marina Brownremove bad coding in wanderer
Marina BrownBetter coding on wanderer Makefile
Marina BrownAdded SETGIDGAME SPECIAL_PERMS to wanderer
Marina Brownremove comment
Thomas Klausneremacs-current: add two new files
Thomas Klausnerpianobar: remove, imported to audio/pianobar
Leonardo Taccariid3: import id3-0.80 as wip/id3
Leonardo Taccarizathura-mupdf: Add a patch to fix the colorspace ( and regen patch-document.c)
Christian Kochfarbfeld: Import farbfeld-1 as wip/farbfeld.
Filip HajnyFix PLIST handling for fen/fsevents/inotify/kqueue on various platforms.
Filip HajnyUpdate consul to 0.6.3.
Leonardo Taccarisic,st,surf,vimb: get rid of NO_CONFIGURE.
Emil Skoeldbergrecutils: update wip/recutils to 1.7
Emil SkoeldbergTODO: updated recutils.
Jason Bacon Bump to version 0.2. Many bug fixes and greatly improved handling of Python packages.
coypuImport www/otter-browser version 0.9.08 from pkgsrc
coypuledger: license is BSD 3-clause
coypuRevert "Import www/otter-browser version 0.9.08 from pkgsrc"
Thomas Klausneremacs-current: update for upstream changes.
Thomas Klausnerpy-alabaster: update to 0.7.7.
Thomas Klausnerpy-alabaster: remove, imported to pkgsrc/textproc
Thomas Klausner+ urlwatch-2.0.
Thomas Klausnerpy-wsgiref: Fix file permissions.
Thomas Klausnerwkhtmltox: fix HOMEPAGE
Richard PALOpy-wsgiref: Fix egg-info file permissions too.
Thomas Klausnerlgogdownloader-git: upstream switched to building with cmake, adapt.
K.I.A.DerouicheMajor update Makefile (fix last directiv) replace files/ COPYING by LICENSE!
Christian Kochopenclonk: Update to 7.0.
Nils RatusznikImport sailor
Nils Ratusznikforgot to update PLIST after update
Kamil Rytarowskillvm-git: Sync PLIST with upstream
Kamil Rytarowskiclang-git: Sync PLIST with upstream (welcome to clang-3.9.0)
Kamil Rytarowskillvm-git: Welcome to 3.9.0
Kamil Rytarowskilldb-git: Sync with upstream (and welcome to 3.9.0)
Kamil Rytarowskicoreclr-git: Handle python usage in
Jason Bacontrinity: Add p5-PerlIO-gzip depend
Nils RatusznikImport logorate-3.9.2 as wip/logrotate-git.
Nils Ratusznikadded logrotate-git
Nils Ratusznikremoved logrotate-svn : project is now hosted on Github
coypuledger: fixed build
coypuledger: updated distinfo
coypuninka: updated to version 1.3
Jason Bacontrinity: Remove absolute path to jellyfish from plugin script
Jason Baconbowtie: Fix plist
Thomas Klausnerfirefox45-hg: add package based on 45.x branch of pkgsrc.
Christian Kochpioneer: Import pioneer-20160116 as wip/pioneer.
Kamil RytarowskiImport libcxx-3.9.0nb20160121 as wip/libcxx-git.
Kamil Rytarowskicoreclr-git: Add new dependency on libcxx-git
Kamil RytarowskiImport libunwind-3.9.0nb20160121 as wip/libunwind-git.
Leonardo Taccarisic: (mostly) cosmetic changes
Leonardo Taccarisurf: (mostly) cosmetic changes
Leonardo Taccaritabbed: (mostly) cosmetic changes
Leonardo Taccarist: misc (mostly) cosmetic changes
Kamil Rytarowskiclang-git: Add support for libstdc++ for GCC/NetBSD
Kamil Rytarowskillvm-git: Sync PLIST with upstream
Kamil Rytarowskiclang-git: Adapt file path in SUBST_FILES
Kamil Rytarowskilldb-git: Add
Kamil Rytarowskicoreclr-git: Add patches to pass the configure stage
Jonathan Buschmannctags-git: Fix PLIST and adapt for recent changes upstream
Christian Kochtaisei: Import Taisei 1.0a as wip/taisei.
Kamil Rytarowskicoreclr-git: Eliminate local patches, merged upstream
Mateusz Poszwai3lock: Update wip/i3lock to 2.7.
Mateusz Poszwai3status: Update wip/i3status to 2.10.
Kamil Rytarowskicoreclr-git: Try to satisfy needs for Python
Kamil Rytarowskicoreclr-git: Define PAL_CS_NATIVE_DATA_SIZE for few NetBSD platforms
Kamil Rytarowskicoreclr-git: Remove redundant include for (thanks wiz@)
Thomas Klausnerfirefox-hg: update PLIST for upstream changes.
Kamil Rytarowskicoreclr-git: Try to detect copysign(3) on NetBSD
Kamil Rytarowskicoreclr-git: Try to handle CHAR_BIT on NetBSD
Kamil Rytarowskipulseaudio-git: Eliminate merged patches
Kamil Rytarowskiradare2-git: Sync PLIST with pre 0.10.1 package
Martin Husemannfirefox-hg: make it work on sparc64
Thomas Klausnerfirefox45-hg: use more stuff from firefox-hg to avoid duplication.
Leonardo Taccari+ fio, kibana, rust, xxdiff
Kamil RytarowskiImport corert-0.0.0nb20160123 as wip/corert-git.
Kamil RytarowskiImport compiler-rt-3.9.0nb20160123 as wip/compiler-rt-git.
Kamil Rytarowskiclang-git: Add new requirement: devel/googletest
Kamil Rytarowskilldb-git: Prototype initial RegisterContextNetBSD_x86_64
Leonardo Taccarifreedoom: Import freedoom-0.10.1 as wip/freedoom.
Kamil Rytarowskilldb-git: Fix build in RegisterContextNetBSD_x86_64
Kamil Rytarowskicoreclr-git: Eliminate local patches, they were merged upstream
Charlie RootFixes after pkglint
Jason Baconfbsd2pkg: Add translation of REINPLACE_CMD to SUBST and other enhancements
Kamil RytarowskiImport llilc-0.0.0nb20160123 as wip/llilc-git.
Kamil Rytarowskicorert-git: Make configure passing. It will be cleaned and upstreamed
Kamil Rytarowskicorert-git: Handle alloca(3) on NetBSD
Kamil Rytarowskicorert-git: Eliminate local patches, merged upstream
Kamil Rytarowskicoreclr-git: There is need for textproc/icu
Kamil Rytarowskicoreclr-git: Add kludge to unblock building for NetBSD
Thomas Klausnerurlwatch: update to 2.0.
Charlie RootSnapshot 20160117.
Kamil Rytarowskicoreclr-git: Cherry-pick upstream patch 'Enable readonly data for Unix'
Leonardo Taccari- vimb, imported in pkgsrc as www/vimb.
Kamil Rytarowskicorert-git: Regenerate distinfo
Kamil Rytarowskicorert-git: Eliminate local patch - merged upstream
Kamil Rytarowskicorert-git: Cherry-pick patches by Kyungwoo Lee (Microsoft)
Leonardo Taccaritabbed: Update HOMEPAGE
Kamil Rytarowskicorert-git: Add more hacks for storing ptrs to functions in void*
Kamil Rytarowskicorert-git: Remove merged patches upstream
Kamil Rytarowskicorert-git: Include <cstdarg> for va_list, va_start
Kamil Rytarowskicorert-git: Add required cast to <const char**> in iconv(3)
Kamil Rytarowskicorert-git: Add new requirement on lang/mono
Kamil Rytarowskicorert-git: Remove merged patch
Thomas KlausnerRemove patch that was merged upstream.
Thomas Klausnerfirefox-hg: Add RCS Id.
Marina BrownA bit more cleanup
Christian KochImport Aquaria OSE as wip/aquaria. Still a little rough around the edges.
Kamil Rytarowskicorert-git: Eliminate all local patches, no need for them any more
Thomas Klausnerpy-wheel: avoid conflicts between same package, different python versions
Filip HajnyImport beats 1.0.1 as wip/beats.
Filip HajnyAdd beats
Thomas Klausner+ py-xpra-0.16.1.
Thomas Klausnerfirefox-hg: Move USE_TOOLS line to the file where the tool is actually used.
Kamil RytarowskiImport elfcat-1.0.0 as wip/elfcat.
Roland IlligFixed pkglint warnings
Christian Kochanura: Import the Anura game engine as wip/anura.
Kamil RytarowskiMakefile: +elfcat
, "Eckhardt ]"@wip.pkgsrc.orgSnapshot 20160124.
coypuvte: updated to 0.42.1, changed buildlink
coypugnome-terminal: imported, still needs work
coypuImported clutter-gst as wip/clutter-gst
coypuclutter-gst: updated to 3.0.14, added TODO
coypugnome-core: use wip/clutter-gst
coypudconf: updated to 0.24.0
coypuImported dconf as wip/dconf
coypugnome-core: Makefile uses wip/dconf
coypugnome-core: use wip/dconf-editor
coypuImport dconf-editor as wip/dconf
coypugnome-core: use even dconf-editor ver
coypudconf-editor: changed Makefile COMMENT
coypuImport empathy as wip/empathy
Leonardo Taccaripdfcrack: get rid of unneeded NO_CONFIGURE
coypulibfolks: broken update to 0.10.1
coypuevolution-data-server: broken update to 3.18.4
coypuempathy: broken update to 3.12.10
coypuimport libfolks from chat/libfolks
coypuImport evolution-data-server from pkgsrc
Kamil Rytarowskilldb-git: Revamp patch for RegisterContextNetBSD_x86_64
Kamil Rytarowskillvm-git: Sync PLIST with upstream
Christian Kochfallingtime: Import Falling Time as wip/fallingtime.
coypugnome-terminal: added LICENSE
coypup11-kit: updated to 0.23.2
coypuimport p11-kit as wip/p11-kit
coypuevolution-data-server: updated dependencies
coypuImported gcr as wip/gcr
coypup11-kit: cleaned up Makefile
coypugcr: updated buildlink
coypugnome-core: reordered, added already existing updates
Filip HajnyRemove killed packages
Filip HajnyRemove rsyslog7, version 8 is being kept and maintained in sysutils.
Filip HajnyRemove php-dtrace, pkgsrc no longer carries PHP 5.3.
Filip HajnyRemove zookeeper-client/server, they are now under devel/.
Mateusz Poszwauzbl-git: Import uzbl-2012.05.14 as wip/uzbl-git.
Mateusz Poszwauzbl-git: Remove a possibly confusing NO_CONFIGURE comment.
Kamil Rytarowskiclang-git: Sync PLIST with upstream
Kamil RytarowskiRevert "lldb-git: Revamp patch for RegisterContextNetBSD_x86_64"
Mateusz Poszwauzbl-git: Remove unnecessary do-configure override. (Thanks leot!)
coypugcr: updated Makefile
coypugnome-core: use empathy from wip
coypuImport libgweather as wip/libgweather
coypulibgweather: updated to 3.18.1
coypuevolution-data-server: updated to 3.18.4
i3enedekUpdating version of DF.
Kamil RytarowskiImport qtaccountsservice-0.6.0 as wip/qtaccountsservice.
Kamil RytarowskiMakefile: +qtaccountsservice
Kamil Rytarowskicoreclr-git: Add draft patches for <ucontext.h>
Kamil Rytarowskicoreclr-git: Add hack patches to push build further
Sevan JaniyanMentio CVE-2015-8603
Sevan JaniyanMention CVE-2015-8769
Kamil Rytarowskicoreclr-git: Remove merged patches
Thomas KlausnerTODO: + fgallery-1.8
i3enedekUpdated poedit.
Leonardo Taccarispidermonkey185: various cosmetic fixes and improvements
asieopenal-soft: Update to 1.17.2, fix config file path, fix OSS device path substitution.
asiegradle: Import gradle-2.10 as wip/gradle.
asiegradle: Clean up Makefile and launcher script.
Sevan JaniyanMention CVE-2016-1569
Kamil RytarowskiImport nuget-0.0.0nb20160130 as wip/nuget-git.
Kamil RytarowskiImport cli-0.0.0nb20160130 as wip/cli-git.
Kamil Rytarowskicli-git: Regenerate distinfo for no patches
Kamil RytarowskiImport corefx-0.0.0nb20160130 as wip/corefx-git.
Thomas Klausnernss-hg: fix some ctype(3) issues and add missing includes in two files.
K.I.A.DerouichePyOperators 0.13 What?s new ? Python 3 support add settingerr context manager to contextually set error behaviour add environment variables PYOPERATORS_NO_MPI (to prevent importing mpi4py on supercomputers such as NERSC? s edison to avoid crashes on login nodes), PYOPERATORS_GC_NBYTES_THRESHOLD , PYOPERATORS_MEMORY_ALIGNMENT, PYOPERATORS_MEMORY_TOLERANCE and PYOPERATORS_VERBOSE (see file) add helpers last, last_is_not, ilast and ilast_is_not, split improved ProxyOperator: operators in a proxy group may have different shapes, and can access the operator? s attributes Return algorithm instance in pcg ? s output add pool_threading context manager add MPI rank in strinfo in iterative algorithms , silence MPI processes with rank> 0 add timers to measure the time spent in Operator? s __call__ method and in MPI operations API changes, deprecations: rename openmp_num_threads ? omp_num_threads deprecate distribute and distribute_slice change isclassattr calling sequence Under the hood : common superclass for DiagonalOperator, DiagonalNumexprOperator and MaskOperator add Cartcomm communicator and Comm.Create_cart method in fake_mpi module morph MPIDistributionIdentityOperator into IdentityOperator is communicator size is 1 allow implicit shape SparseBase subclasss update for scipy 0.14 new decorator deprecated add ?s clean command (contributed by G. Vaillant) automatic cythonization of files (contributed by G. Vaillant) 14 May 2014 PyOperators 0.12 What?s new ? add a nbytes property, indicating the operator storage footprint. delete method for operators, to force deletion of an operator, alongside its associated operators. If the storage footprint of the deleted operators exceeds a certain threshold GC_NBYTES_THRESHOLD , a garbage collection is triggered. ProxyOperator for on-the-fly computations. In a group of proxy operators , only one actual operator is cached. The proxy operators inherit all the properties from the actual operators. add a context manager setting to change a global variable value. Under the hood : Renamed operator flag ?inplace_reduction? ? ?update_output? . And make it a regular flag, i.e. the ?update_output? is no more inferred from the direct method signature. allow generators in composite operators. 26 Feb 2014 PyOperators 0.11 What ?s new ? New rule manager: new mechanism to enable or disable simplification rules inside a with context. The rule trigger none is implemented and it inhibits all algebraic simplifications if set to True. API change : the multiplication sign * is now context-dependent: composition for linear operators and element-wise multiplication otherwise. New operator DenseBlockDiagonalOperator. Extra dimensions of arrays are interpreted as diagonal blocks. This operator is broadcastable : ? against vectors: multiplying a DenseBlockDiagonalOperator initialised with an array of shape (L, 1, M, N) by a tensor of shape (P, N) gives a tensor of shape (L, P, M) ? against other DenseBlockDiagonalOperators: multiplying two of them initialised with arrays of shapes (K, 1, M, N) and (L, N, P) gives a DenseBlockDiagonalOperator initialised with an array of shape (K, L, M, P) DenseOperator is now implicit shape and broadcastable: an M? N DenseOperator multiplied by a tensor of shape (P, Q, N) gives a tensor of shape (P, Q, M) . Make asoperator return an explicit shape DiagonalOperator, DenseOperator or DenseBlockDiagonalOperator for arrays of dimensions 1, 2 or more if the keyword constant is not set to True. New operators: PowerOperator, ReciprocalOperator, SqrtOperator and SquareOperator. Helper functions: ? reshape_broadcast to reshape an array to a broadcastable shape, by using 0-strides along the missing dimensions ? broadcast_shapes to return the shape of the output obtained by broadcasting arrays of given shapes ? add reverse option for first, first_is_not, ifirst and ifirst_is_not. Improved __str__ for non-linear operators. New ufunc abs2 , which returns the square modulus of a complex input. DEPRECATED: use isscalarlike instead of isscalar. Under the hood: Add PyOperatorsWarning and PyOperatorsDeprecationWarnings. Rename the decorators module ? flags. Move operator?s rules ? rules module. Add CopyOperator. 16 Jan 2014 PyOperators 0.10 What?s new ? SparseOperator. The sparse storage can be anyone from the scipy.sparse package (except the LIL format, which is not suited for matrix-vector multiplication) Change binary rule priorities to favour specialized rules and subclasses Add mechanism to prevent CompositeOperator from morphing into their unique component. This mechanism allow GroupOperator to only have one operand Remove DiagonalNumexprNonSeparableOperator , it? s not possible to avoid calling get_data in __init__ and it complicates the broadcasting operators too much API change : the mask convention for PackOperator and UnpackOperator is changed. True means kept (similar to Fortran?s pack & unpack) . Make PackOperator and UnpackOperator subclass BroadcastingBase Under the hood : Handle infinity in assert_same Improve rule? s __str__ when the predicate in a lambda function Add ?_reset? method for Operators Add ?broadcast? keyword to strshape Add debugging for the composition and commutative rules Cleanup broadcasting operators , including shape and dtype. Improved testing Fix ?square? flag when morphing from a DiagonalOperator or a MaskOperator to ZeroOperator In ?todense?, use dtype=int when the operator? s dtype is None Hack to add shapein and shapeout to Operator? s __repr__ In CommutativeCompositeOperator, get info from the operands before applying the simplification rules Add ZeroOperator rule for MultiplicationOperator. Make sure a copy of the other operator is done for AdditionOperator In ?uninterruptible? contextmanager, ensure that the SIGINT handler is always put back in 14 Oct 2013 PyOperators 0.9 What ?s new ? Rotation2dOperator for rotations in a plane Rotation3dOperator, about 1 axis (3 conventions), 2 axes (6 conventions, including intrinsic and extrinsic rotations) or 3 axes (12 conventions) Spherical2CartesianOperator & Cartesian2SphericalOperator with conventions ?zenith,azimuth?, ?azimuth,zenith?, ?elevation,azimuth? and ?azimuth, elevation? NormalizeOperator to obtain unit vectors DegreesOperator & RadiansOperator for degrees / radians conversions Implement __ne__ for Operators Add helper function float_dtype. Rename complex_dtype_for ?complex_dtype Add helper functions one, pi and zero, which return a value of the specified dtype. API change in Operator? s rule: ? in unary rules, use ?C?, ?T?, ?H? or ?I? instead of ?.C?, ?.T?, ?.H? or ?.I? ? binary rule subjects are now specified by a 2-tuple ? use Operator subclass type instead of the string ?{MyOperator}? API change: IntegrationTrapezeWeightOperator ? IntegrationTrapezeOperator Under the hood: benchmark and memory_usage functions moved to a distinct distribution pybenchmarks Add test and coverage commands in Automatically compute adjoint from transpose , transpose from adjoint, inverse_adjoint from inverse_transpose and inverse_tranpose from inverse_adjoint Fix attribute copy during scalar absorption In binary rules , use ?==? instead of ?is? in subject matching In assert_same, allow broadcasting for integer types Remove obsolete Operator? s isalias method Make shape_input, shape_output and inplace_reduction non-settable flags Take forward FFTW instance dtype into account for the backward instance Remove DirectOperatorFactory and ReverseOperatorFactory DenseOperator output and input shapes can now be implicit. Don ?t rely on this feature yet, it will be changed in future versions.
K.I.A.Derouiche.1.1 (2016-01-08) ------------------
K.I.A.DerouicheRelease 1.9.1, 17 Nov 2015
K.I.A.DerouicheHere you can find the recent changes to Python Progressbar..
Mateusz Poszwauzbl-git: Drop both patches merged upstream.
Martin allow cache directory overrides
Martin avoid cache extraction if hg repo exists in the work dir
Kamil Rytarowskicoreclr-git: Add draft patches to push build forward
Kamil Rytarowskicoreclr-git: Improve local patch for wchar_t redefinition
Mark DaviesAdd common makefile fragment for KDE Frameworks 5.
Mark Daviessolid: Add solid-5.18.0 as wip/solid
Mark Davieskarchive: Add karchive-5.18.0 as wip/karchive
Mark Davieski18n: Add ki18n-5.18.0 as wip/ki18n
Mark Davieskdoctools: Add kdoctools-5.18.0 as wip/kdoctools
Mark Davieskconfig: Add kconfig-5.18.0 as wip/kconfig
Mark Davieskcoreaddons: Add kcoreaddons-5.18.0 as wip/kcoreaddons
Mark Davieskcodecs: Add kcodecs-5.18.0 as wip/kcodecs
Mark Davieskimageformats: Add kimageformats-5.18.0 as wip/kimageformats
Mark Davieskwidgetsaddons: Add kwidgetsaddons-5.18.0 as wip/kwidgetsaddons
Mark DaviesAdd some KDE Frameworks 5 packages.
Mark Davieskguiaddons: update wip/kguiaddons to 5.18.0
Mark Davieskwindowsystem: update wip/kwindowsystem to 5.18.0
Mark Davieskapidox: Add kapidox-5.18.0 as wip/kapidox
Mark Davieskdbusaddons: Add kdbusaddons-5.18.0 as wip/kdbusaddons
Mark Davieskidletime: Add kidletime-5.18.0 as wip/kidletime
Mark Daviesthreadweaver: Add threadweaver-5.18.0 as wip/threadweaver
Mark Davieskplotting: Add kplotting-5.18.0 as wip/kplotting
Mark Davieskitemviews: Add kitemviews-5.18.0 as wip/kitemviews
Mark DaviesMakefile: add more KF5 packages
Mark Davieskwidgetsaddons: fix typo
Mark Davieskcompletion: Add kcompletion-5.18.0 as wip/kcompletion
Thomas KlausnerTODO: + wkhtmltopdf-0.12.3
Kamil Rytarowskicoreclr-git: Add more draft patches, they will be cleaned up and sent upstream
Thomas KlausnerTODO: + debootstrap-1.0.78.
Kamil Rytarowskicoreclr-git: Retire unneded patch
Filip HajnyUpdate fswatch to 1.8.0.
Mark Davieskcoreaddons: build on NetBSD
coypuevolution-data-sesrver: fixed buildlink
coypuImport geocode-glib as wip/geocode-glib
Kamil Rytarowskillvm-git: Update PLIST with upstream
coypuevolution-data-server: updated pkgconfig overrides
coypuevolution-data-server: create vala bindings
Kamil Rytarowskicoreclr-git: Remove merged (in a better version) patches
Kamil Rytarowskicoreclr-git: Regenerate improved patch for <stdarg.h>
Roland IlligFixed pkglint warnings about SUBDIR
i3enedekAdding redshift to wip.
Kamil Rytarowskicoreclr-git: Draft to handle BSD style struct reg in NetBSD