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Re: Dependencies on the rust toolchain

* On 2023-06-02 at 13:36 BST, Hauke Fath wrote:

Given the weight and churn of Rust, I do think we should not blindly
upgrade utility libraries to Rusted versions, especially when - as in
this case - there is a non-rust alternative.

I am inclined to make the libimagequant option for graphics/gd
non-mandatory. And/or package libimagequant v2.

This will always be a bikeshed, and as someone with a focus on using binary package repositories where defaults need to cater for the majority of the target audience I will always strongly disagree.
Packages should, in my opinion:

 * Be useful, with most options that affect the functionality of the
   software enabled by default.

 * Use the newest releases of dependencies, rather than being tied to
   older branches that might no longer be maintained.

If people are running on older or limited hardware that is adversely affected by the number and size of dependencies, then that's why we have package options (which I fully support!) that they can disable in their local custom builds.

As for Rust, I personally think it's a really nice language to program in with a fantastic developer experience (I'd certainly choose it for any new projects), and while that may not be a popular opinion in these parts, I think that a lot of upstream developers appear to agree, and I believe you are only going to find it harder and harder to avoid it in package dependencies as time goes on.

Jonathan Perkin   -   -
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