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Re: Rust still broken on 9.0-STABLE i386

Greg Troxel <> writes:

> With openssl installed, I was able to build rust (make package just worked).
> Given the hour, I lean to minimal changes, so I am inclined to basically
> add the make-code corresponding to the following pseudocode in the rust package:
>   if os=netbsd and arch=i386 and version>=9
>     add openssl as a build dependency
>   endif
> which I can't imagine will bother anyone for whom rust now builds.

It turns out that with openssl as BUILD_DEPENDS, we get an error at
packaging time that cargo links against openssl.

So it needs to be full DEPENDS.  This is ikcy, but is better than not
having rust.  So tomorrow I'll commit that, unless someone can explain
1) why that's wrong and 2) their better plan for making rust work.

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