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Re: Rust still broken on 9.0-STABLE i386

>>> Attached is a diff which caused my attempted mostly-static cross
>>> build for i386 to succeed.  This is an optional thing, not
>>> enabled by default, ref. the commented-out remark, and only works
>>> in conjunction with the modified gcc-wrap script, which is only
>>> used when cross-building.  I'm currently uploading the build
>>> result, it'll be a while till it's there.
>> The bootstrap is now mostly-static:
> You say "is" but I am having a hard time following.
> Can you explain in terms of:
>   is this mostly-static bootstrap creation according to what is checked
>   in now?

No.  It's built with the diff I posted earlier.

I've built the i686 NetBSD 1.45.2 bootstrap, and uploaded it, and
this was an attempt at verifying / testing it on a 9.0 system.

That did not go according to plan, due to the "text relocations"
errors and the abort from rustc.

>   is the i386 bootstrap the result of what was checked in earlier, or
>   what is checked in now, or basically the same?

The un-referenced i386 bootstrap is the result of the cross-build
I built with the diff I posted earlier.

>   have you arrived, with uncommitted patches, at a way to produce a
>   bootstrap that runs on 9 and current without needing openssl?
>   do you think what you have done is stable enough to commit during the freeze?

Sadly, no.


- Håvard

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