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net/powerdns: Update to 4.3.0


while I was working on updating net/powerdns to 4.3.0, I also had a chance to
rename the options (prepend powerdns-(backend)? prefix).

The proposed options now read as:

        powerdns-backend-bind   Build BIND backend.
        powerdns-backend-pipe   Build pipe backend.
        powerdns-backend-random Build random backend.
        powerdns-backend-remote Build remote backend.
        powerdns-backend-sqlite Build sqlite backend.
        powerdns-backend-zeromq Build zeromq remote backend.
        powerdns-botan   Use BOTAN for encryption and TLS.
        powerdns-lua-records    Enable LUA records support.
        powerdns-tools   Build PowerDNS tools.

Before this change will be committed, I want to ask whether there are
users who are building the packages themselves and if these users
have any objections to this change.

Legacy options will still be supported, too.

Thanks for the inputs.


Juraj Lutter <>
pkgsrc committer

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