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questions for users of qgis on python and LTR

qgis is now at 3.10, so that will be in 2020Q2.
It is maintained by Brook, Manuel and myself.

Two questions for anyone using qgis from pkgsrc, or intending to:

  1) Would you ever want to turn off the python option?  If so, why?

  2) Would you want to have 3.10 (long term release), the current
  release (3.14), or both?  If other than "just latest", why?

Absent comments, I will assume:

  1) everyone always wants python (and there is no point in having an

  2) people would prefer to have the latest release and have no
  particular need for the LTR.  So we would, as we are able, update to
  3.14 and not pay attention to 3.10.

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