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Re: pgsql default version

Taylor R Campbell <> writes:

>> Date: Thu, 30 Apr 2020 09:10:06 -0400
>> From: Greg Troxel <>
>> If I had to push the button now, I'd say change to 11, as anything that
>> doesn't cope with that is a bit lame.  But if people who know this
>> better think 12 is ok, that's fine too.
>> As always, would be good to do this well before branch, IMHO by 5/15.
> I dropped the ball on this deadline, but any objections to switching
> to 12 now for 2020Q2?  (The 12 branch is at version 12.3 already, and
> 13 is almost out.)

Do you know that everything that depends on postgresql is ok with 12?
If not, I don't think this is a good idea this close to freeze, as a
change to 12 more or less creates a rush obligation to debug and patch
things.   It's not clear that you are signing up to fix everything that
doesn't work with 12 in the next few days.

In general, one can say other upstreams should have adapted, but it's
also true in general that some packages are unstable (e.g. boost).  My
impression is that postgresql is pretty stable, so this is likely to be
ok, but there is always a fair risk of trouble, and other packages that
are due for an update -- hence my previous request not to change things
like this in the last few days before the freeze.  Generally we cahnge
default versions, remove versions, etc. early in the quarterly cycle.

A quick look at the 2020Q1 packages for NetBSD 9/amd64 shows that 94 is
the most numerous.   Looking at those, and which packages are missing
for other pgversions shows:

MISSING 95 jdbc-postgresql95
MISSING 96 jdbc-postgresql96
MISSING 10 jdbc-postgresql10
MISSING 11 jdbc-postgresql11
MISSING 12 jdbc-postgresql12

MISSING 10 postgresql10-pgroonga
MISSING 11 postgresql11-pgroonga
MISSING 12 postgresql12-pgroonga

MISSING 11 postgresql11-pg_repack
MISSING 12 postgresql12-pg_repack

MISSING 11 postgresql11-postgis
MISSING 12 postgresql12-postgis

MISSING 12 postgresql12-pgpool2

jdbc looks troubled; the last one that builds is 94.  I see Adam removed
it, which I hope means that it is really dead upstream and not in use by

I know postgis is overdue for an update and I should do it.

pgroonga is very overdue for an update.

I don't know much about pgpool2 or pg_repack.

So I'm ok with flipping to 10 right now, because that doesn't break
anything that isn't extremely out of date.

I'm also ok with trying to update the things that need it, and to flip
to 12 if they all support it after the branch (whether or not we change
to 10 right now).

I feel that a switch to 11 or 12 right now is too close to freeze.

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