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Re: pgsql default version

Taylor R Campbell <> writes:

> The default pgsql version has been 9.5 since 2016.  9.4 was just
> eol'd, 9.5 will be eol'd in under a year, and the most recent release
> is 12 now.

Yes, seems like we should.

> At the time it was bumped to 9.5, 9.5 was only a few months old and
> 9.6 was a few weeks old.  Now 9.5 is several years old and 12 is
> several months old.

The question really is

  for a user that has no idea which versions are good to run, what
  should we choose for them

  of all the things that depend on postgresql, which ones are ok with
  which versions

which turns into

  what's the most recent version that doesn't run into problems with
  depending packages from being too new

If I had to push the button now, I'd say change to 11, as anything that
doesn't cope with that is a bit lame.  But if people who know this
better think 12 is ok, that's fine too.

As always, would be good to do this well before branch, IMHO by 5/15.

I can, as soon as my current pkg_rr is finished, flip to 12 and see how
that goes.  My depending packages (on 10) are


(and postgis needs an update anyway)

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