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Re: Garbled output with Firefox 77

On 07/06/2020 17:49, Greg Troxel wrote:

I see.  Fair enough to try that as a way to get useful information to
figure out the bug.   I misinterpreted this as a notion that it was not
a bug if a new profile worked and the old one doesn't.

As a datapoint I've just updated my 9.0 amd64 system and I've not seen any problems compared to firefox76. I did try hitting the latex site where the problem was first flagged without issue.

This was a complete package snapshot with all packages built fresh from a checkout at about 6am today.

The question about fonts also flagged another thought. I do have the dejavu-ttf fonts package installed (mostly so I have reasonable set of anti-aliased fonts to work with. This probably gives the font renderer a lot more font choice and less possibility of it having to use a bitmapped X11 font.


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