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Re: cad/qcad only prints to PDF, no other options

On Sat, 6 Jun 2020, Iain Hibbert wrote:

> its probably this switch to qt5 I think which has dropped the print 
> support

> > If qt5 has declared CUPS the only way to print, I consider it broken.
> It might have such options but not configured in pkgsrc.. Can any other 
> qt5 applications print?

Don't know.  The only other qt5 application I have at the moment is
'vlc' which has no printing subsystem at all.  The only other one I'd
be interested in is 'wireshark'.  I'm building it now and will see what

Just for grins, I turned on the 'gtk3' option to 'qt5-qtbase' (which I
think is strange--I thought they were competing GUI toolkits).  It built,
but failed packaging due to a bunch of files it couldn't find.

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