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Re: Updated openconnect to 8.10 (with patch)

On 5/22/20 8:15 AM, Jason Bacon wrote:
On 2020-05-16 10:57, Louis Guillaume wrote:

I've locally updated net/openconnect to 8.10. This was an effort to get it building on MacOS with python37.

Attached is a new PLIST.Darwin to go with the package and a patch for the other stuff.

I tested on NetBSD and MacOS Catalina.

Is there anything else needed to get this committed?

Hello Louis,

Thanks for the contribution.  If you'd like to contribute to pkgsrc in the future and you're familiar with using git, you might consider becoming a pkgsrc-wip committer:

I've restored the openconnect package in the wip collection (it was there before, but removed) and added your update + a couple of fixes:

1. Removed redundant lines from PLIST.Darwin
2. Updated COMMENT and DESCR to reflect the current capabilities

Generally, new packages or updates like this are added to pkgsrc-wip to make them convenient for others to test and improve.  While in wip, they go through QA to meet standards in the guide ( and then are imported into pkgsrc-proper.



So when I actually tested this on my Mac, all the share/doc entries unique to PLIST.Darwin were not installed, which caused bmake install to fail.  Generally docs should be consistently installed or not on all platforms, so this would not be a valid use of PLIST.Darwin anyway.  Might there be something in your Mac environment that's causing openconnect to install docs by default?

I removed PLIST.Darwin from the wip package and openconnect seems to work fine on my Mac (I can only test with GlobalProtect VPN, --protocol=gp).

Hopefully others can test the package with other supported VPNs. It seems to support AnyConnect, Pulse Connect, and GlobalProtect:



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