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Re: Failure to build www/firefox

On 07/05/2020 19:02, Martin Husemann wrote:
Fails for me too, pkgsrc -current, all pkgs updated, NetBSD 9.99.60
and it can't find arbitrary standard includes:

Okay. My last successful build was 26th April. CVS checkout for that was done at 4:18 UTC (gotta love jenkins build history :) ).

So that at least give some sort of bound for when this broke.

I've also got the build logs from my successful build vs the broken one.

Looking at the diff this seems a little suspicious:

< checking for __cxa_demangle... yes
> checking for __cxa_demangle... no
< checking for _Unwind_Backtrace... yes
> checking for _Unwind_Backtrace... no

Another suspicious diff is :
< checking whether 64-bits std::atomic requires -latomic... no
> checking whether 64-bits std::atomic requires -latomic... do not know; assuming no

Why would those two symbols suddenly disappear. I think that cxa_demangle is related to c++ support from mucking about on other gcc platforms. Also why would it no longer be able to determine if std::atomic requires a library.


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