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Re: Failure to build www/firefox

On 07/05/2020 14:48, Paul Goyette wrote:
Host system is amd64 running NetBSD 9..99.59, and pkgsrc is updated to
today.  I've rebuilt all dependencies from scratch into an initially sandbox, and now I'm getting a repeatable build error for firefox.

The first error message seems to be

     psutil/_psutil_common.c:9:10: fatal error: 'Python.h' file not found
     #include <Python.h>
     1 error generated.
     error: command 'gcc' failed with exit status 1

but it seems that this is not critical:

No I think that just causes the build system to set up a python3 environment instead.

    In file included from /tmp/pkgs/www/firefox/work.x86_64/build/dist/include/mozilla/Array.h:14:/tmp/pkgs/www/firefox/work.x86_64/build/dist/system_wrappers/ostream:3:15: fatal
      error: 'ostream' file not found
     #include_next <ostream>

There are multiple files mentioned in these errors, including "utility",
"type_traits", "cmath", and "new".

This matches what I see on 9-stable on lots of different files. The compiler is not picking up on the wrapped standard C++ headers.
These errors all seem to be related to compiling "wrappers.cpp".

It's not specific to this file. Just went and read the gcc documentation for #include_next. Its like #include but only looks in the include path AFTER the directory container the header that contains the #include_next so if the directory that contains the system headers is before the wrapper header file in the path that would trigger this. Its also possible that clang interprets include_next differently.

So I think it boils down to the order in which the various include directories get passed to the compiler. :( I can compare command lines to my last working build later and see if I can see what is going on.


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