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distcc broken?

I have, or so I thought, been using distcc for a long time.  Basically,
my setup is
  - all distcc network activity over ssh
  - ssh connections with ControlMaster set up, doing "sleep 86400", and verified
  - all involved hosts netbsd-8 amd64
  - one capable machine that
     + does not try to use distcc as a client
     + tries to offer distcc
  - one ~10 year old mac laptop using distcc as a client
  - more recently, another moderately capable machine being a distcc

I have in mk.conf:

  MAKE_JOBS=              4
  PKGSRC_COMPILER=        ccache distcc gcc
  DISTCC_VERBOSE=         yes

I used to not set fallback to 0, but I want to know if this is failing.

On both workers I am seeing:

  (dcc_warn_masquerade_whitelist) CRITICAL! /usr/lib/distcc not found. You must see up masquerade (see distcc(1)) to list whitelisted compilers or pass --make-me-a-botnet. To set up masquerade automatically run update-distcc-symlinks.

and reading the docs, it seems distcc had a huge behavior change to
require a whitelist of compilers, and pkgsrc seems not to have coped
with that at all.   Problems include:

  Path to whitelist is odd (libexec?).
  Path is not in PREFIX. is not patched for PYTHONPATH is not installed into the running system

Creating /usr/lib/distcc and adding a symlink "gcc ->
/usr/pkg/bin/distcc" resulted in being able to build a package no the
client machine.

Has anyone else been using this?  I can't believe I'm the only one, but
I might be the only one to disable fallback and notice.

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