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Firefox and the broken about:login, a temporary workaround

When reporting to Mozilla about how about:logins doesn't work ever since
they introduced it, I came across the following question from somebody
with a very similar problem.

I copied some relevant text in this message for future reference.

=== Q:

Using Ubuntu 18.04 and Firefox 72.0.2 (via Ubuntu repos). My list of
"Saved Logins" has disappeared. Whether I get to the list via
Preferences or about:logins, the list is empty. I should have 100s of
logins saved. But when I go to a website that had a saved login, the
fields are auto populated.

No I don't have logins.json.corrupt. I only have logins.json No I don't
have AVG. I'm on Ubuntu Linux. No I don't have multiple profiles. Just
one. Default profile.

Firefox has really become insufferable lately. Forced update restarts,
forced multiprocess mode and now bugs like this.

I want my list of logins back please.

And funny enough, the mozilla support site seems broken on Firefox. Kept
getting "access denied" when trying to post with Firefox, so here I'm
posting this via Chromium. 

=== A:

If you change the preference on the
about:config page to empty and restart Firefox, can you see your list of
logins and passwords in the legacy password manager?

If you can, it's likely an issue exclusive to Firefox Lockwise. That
means the passwords are still in Firefox, but the Firefox Lockwise
system can't access them.

The most common cause of this is disabling the multiprocess feature
(e10s) in Firefox. Some users went to extreme lengths to force Firefox
to disable e10s, even though it's not recommended because it breaks core
functionality in Firefox. Essentially, it prevents Firefox from opening
the process it needs to access sensitive data, like your saved

I believe the most common working way that people disabled e10s was by
adding the MOZ_FORCE_DISABLE_E10S environment variable to their system
and giving it a value of 1. If you've done that, you need to remove that
variable and reboot your system.

Hope this helps.

    NOTE: Don't forget to change the
    preference back to the default when you are done so that you get the
    Firefox Lockwise interface back.

=== Q:

Thanks for the explanation. When I clear I
can now see the logins via Menu->Logins and Passwords, which I'm
guessing is the legacy interface.

I did have MOZ_FORCE_DISABLE_E10S=1 set but disabling it made no

Why do I need to change back?  The old
interface works great.

=== A:

I believe the plan is to eventually remove the legacy interface from
Firefox entirely. That would mean that you won't be able to see your
logins again. It's probably better to fix the issue now rather than


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