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Re: nodejs compilation error

> In file included from ../src/node_constants.h:27:0,
>                 from ../src/node_options.h:10,
>                 from ../src/inspector_agent.h:9,
>                 from ../src/env.h:29,
>                 from ../src/env-inl.h:28,
>                 from ../src/
> ../src/ In function 'void
> node::{anonymous}::DefineSystemConstants(v8::Local<v8::Object>)
> ':
> ../src/ error: 'UV_FS_O_FILEMAP' was not
> declared in this scope
>                              ^
> ../src/node.h:433:54: note: in definition of macro 'NODE_DEFINE_CONSTANT'
>         v8::Number::New(isolate, static_cast<double>(constant));
> \
>                                                      ^
> Can't build firefox because of this.
> I ended up running make update in libffi and that has deleted many
> critical packages. I managed to recover by manually soft linking
> which was lying in /usr/pkg/lib despite the upgrade to
> Not a normal thing to do I suppose.
> What will be a clean way when I want to build a new package that would
> update a lower level library that would invalidate several other critical
> packages that would not build! (Sorry for the length of that statement.)
> May be I should be switching to using stable branches instead of
> pkgsrc-current? May be that has its own downsides...
> Mayuresh

Does devel/libuv-1.35.0 compile for you?

What nodejs version are you trying to compile?

Do you use GCC or Clang?

Kind regards,

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