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Re: openssl 1.1.1e and comms/kermit

On Mon 06 Apr 2020 at 16:47:03 +0100, Mike Pumford wrote:
> and follow the links. Sadly it seems
> to link to a rather generically named x.tar.gz. Probably a hangover from the
> days where that was just a daily snapshot.

Thanks. There are some changes in ck_ssl.c, but it seems that not yet the
latest removals/deprecations are taken into account. The file date is

-rw-r-----  1 bitlbee  wheel  150035 Apr 26  2017 x/ck_ssl.c
-rw-r-----  1 bitlbee  wheel    5013 Dec 24  2015 x/ck_ssl.h

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