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Re: Rust problem i386

On 20/03/2020 11:05, Mike Pumford wrote:

On 20/03/2020 08:53, Havard Eidnes wrote:
Well I get past the download failure now but I'm seeing this on

Hmm, that's trying to build 1.42.0 with 1.40.0 as a bootstrap,
perhaps?  I suspect that won't work -- rust only provides one
version "backward compatibility"; I'll bump the NetBSD bootstraps
to 1.41.1, and I have rust built locally with this combination.

Okay. I'll do another build cycle here. Thanks for all the rust work.

This could be challenging Build now fails with:
running: /comp/obj/pkgsrc/lang/rust/work/rust-bootstrap/bin/cargo build --manifest-path /comp/obj/pkgsrc/lang/rust/work/rustc-1.42.0-src/src/bootstrap/Cargo.toml --frozen
   Compiling serde v1.0.99
/comp/obj/pkgsrc/lang/rust/work/rustc-1.42.0-src/build/bootstrap/debug/deps/ text relocations error: /comp/obj/pkgsrc/lang/rust/work/rustc-1.42.0-src/build/bootstrap/debug/deps/ Cannot write-enable text segment: Permission denied --> /comp/obj/pkgsrc/lang/rust/work/rustc-1.42.0-src/vendor/serde/src/

Which is how the rust 1.41 build was failing on i386 (possibly not in the same place) before the switch to 1.42.


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