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Re: Soft link issues on APFS (Apple File System)

Your suggestion about pwd -P is already applied in our build environment.
Not doing this will results clang to complain about any "<>" include.
This is not the issue we now face.

As explained, overall packages do compile, but from time to time we see hiccups, the build is failing claiming that include files do not exists, there are always the includes injected to the build process. 
At first we suspected timing issues, but after a while we realized that this is not the case. Note that we also see these issues when compiling Safe or with single thread.

So we also run the following test (it was running by someone else in our team so I hope I describe it well):

At first building graphviz was a challenge, it failed very often, on several machines. So we did the following:  
  • We added assertion into, we verified that on that scripts the links are properly created
  • At the same time we traced what the build process sees, and these links where not visible to that process.
  • We tried forcing sync, but sync on mac is not guarantied 
  • We tried adding delays, just to see if it changes behavior, and it did not help.
  • Once the process fails, you can rerun the build command, and then obviously the builds continues and the process is completed successfully.
All in all, everything we currently need compiles fine, only that we get these temporary failures often, and we would like to avoid it.


From: Greg Troxel <>
Sent: Friday, March 13, 2020 1:29 PM
To: Shay Perlstein <>
Cc: pkgsrc-users <>
Subject: Re: Soft link issues on APFS (Apple File System)
pkgsrc, links and some packages do not play well together.

Before building, do "cd `pwd -P`".

However, your problem seems like something else.

  We invested some time looking into this issue and we suspect that the
  issue is related to the way APFS is handling soft links.

Please explain.   I am not saying you are wrong, but you have not said
enough about why for anyone to be helpful, let along change anything.

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