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Re: How do I update all my installed packages from source?

Tobias Nygren <> writes:

>> - can 'make replace' at the top level invoke it?
> I've always considered the ability to run pkgdb mutable targets like
> install and update at the top or category levels a bug. Nobody would
> ever want to install the entire pkgsrc and besides it could never work
> because of conflicting packages.
> Maybe those targets could direct the user at documentation instead.

Either that, or just fail like;

  ERROR: The "update" target is only implemented for individual package.

And agreed about install, package-install, package, replace, and
everything elsee like that.

Probably fetch and fetch-list should stay, although those seem likely
unintended for users, but perhaps used in mirroring/etc.

I think it would be  good if someone proposed this on tech-pkg and we
did it.

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