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Re: add-ons for firefox

On Mon, 20 Jan 2020 at 21:34, Jörn Clausen <> wrote:
> Yup. I just tried cwm, and now I can install the add-on. I can't
> believe I have to change my window manager to use firefox... And amiwm
> is reported broken and olvwm fails with missing fonts... Rats!

My test was done - by chance - under WindowMaker, which I don't
normally use but built and tested today, as there was another thread
regarding incorrect font usage - which again didn't happen for me.
Firefox 72.01 has been rather stable so far under -current. I have
more problems with it under Windows 10 - it often gets one thread
running at 100% cpu and starts to warm my laptop and I have to kill

> --
> Joern Clausen


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