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Re: How to deal with packages having the same files

Chavdar Ivanov <> writes:

> Two packages, gcr-3.28.0nb5 and gnome-keyring-2.32.1nb27 in this case,
> cannot be installed at the same time, as they have two files in common:
> /usr/pkg/share/GConf/gsettings/org.gnome.crypto.pgp.convert
> /usr/pkg/share/glib-2.0/schemas/org.gnome.crypto.pgp.gschema.xml

I am guessing you mean that each of them has both of those files.

> Different packages require one or the other; if one sticks to one
> desktop environment, there is a good chance that this wouldn't come
> about. If one wants to try different DEs, then this may become a
> problem. I've hit this and for some time was just forcibly uninstalling
> one if the other was due for an upgrade or installation as part of some
> DE. Lately I modified gcr to exclude the above files and I can have them
> installed at the same time; this, of course. may have other repercussions.
> What would be the advise to deal with this, if it is considered a
> problem at all? I haven't checked the contents of these two files, so my
> 'solution' may break gcr.

Basically this is a bug in one or the other upstreams, or an
uncooperative fork siutaion where they are both attempting to do the
same thing.

The fix is to get one or the other or both to place files under their
own namespace, or to patch one of them in pkgsrc to do that.  None of
that is easy.

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