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How to deal with packages having the same files


Two packages, gcr-3.28.0nb5 and gnome-keyring-2.32.1nb27 in this case,
cannot be installed at the same time, as they have two files in common:


Different packages require one or the other; if one sticks to one
desktop environment, there is a good chance that this wouldn't come
about. If one wants to try different DEs, then this may become a
problem. I've hit this and for some time was just forcibly uninstalling
one if the other was due for an upgrade or installation as part of some
DE. Lately I modified gcr to exclude the above files and I can have them
installed at the same time; this, of course. may have other repercussions.

What would be the advise to deal with this, if it is considered a
problem at all? I haven't checked the contents of these two files, so my
'solution' may break gcr.


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