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Re: pkgin fails to build with pkgsrc current

So I removed un needed lines but the same result ensued. I tried a mk.conf void of any variables, same result. I also cleaned out packages/All and the pbulk directory in case any leftover was causing an issue. Same result.

On 1/10/20 9:08 AM, Greg Troxel wrote:
Ron Georgia <> writes:


Yes it is.

$ grep MANINSTALL /etc/mk.conf

MANINSTALL?= maninstall catinstall
Definitely remove or comment out just about everything and then add
things back.  Only add things back if you understand what they do and
why you want them :-)

You may be finding a bug, but it may also be that you are setting
variables that are not documented to be user-settable, in which case
your mk.conf is wrong.

90% of my problems are due to ignorance, the other 10% is because I just don't know any better.

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