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Re: pkgin fails to build with pkgsrc current

Ron Georgia <> writes:

> I tried to build pkgin from source. I "installed" pkgsrc current. I
> may be doing something, but not sure what that might be.

It built for me, not that this really helps.  (on netbsd-8)

> uname -a:
> NetBSD netverbs07 9.99.34 NetBSD 9.99.34 (GENERIC) #0: Wed Jan  8
> 08:10:15 UTC 2020
> amd64

normal enough

> Error:
> => Automatic manual page handling
> => Generating post-install file lists
> pkg_create: can't stat
> `/usr/pkgsrc/net/libfetch/work/.destdir/usr/pkg/man/cat3/fetch.0'
> => Checking file-check results for libfetch-2.39
> ERROR: ************************************************************
> ERROR: The following files are in the PLIST but not in
> /usr/pkgsrc/net/libfetch/work/.destdir/usr/pkg:
> ERROR: /usr/pkgsrc/net/libfetch/work/.destdir/usr/pkg/man/cat3/fetch.0
> *** Error code 1
> Stop.
> make[2]: stopped in /usr/pkgsrc/net/libfetch
> *** Error code 1
> Stop.
> make[1]: stopped in /usr/pkgsrc/net/libfetch
> *** Error code 1

So pkgin needs libfetch, and it basically invokes the "build libfetch"
subroutine.  For debugging, I would try to figure out one thing at a

General advice is to remove all work directories before retrying.  stale
work dirs cause vast amounts of trouble.

then, I'd try to 'make package' in libfetch, and save the output, and
then go looking into that and the error.

In my case, I see fetch.0 in the PLIST but it is not in .destdir/ but
that is ok -- there are different rules on different systems about
whether man pages are source or bin, and I don't follow how that
interacts with PLIST.

Do you have an /etc/mk.conf file or one in /usr/pkgsrc/etc/mk.conf, and
what is in it?

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