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Non-functional xfreerdp2 on 8.1 STABLE - missing POSIX timer_create?

Hi all,

I am not subcribed to list so please cc me in case of response. Running:

$ uname -rsm
NetBSD 8.1_STABLE amd64

with binary packages from pkgin and this is what I have:

$ pkgin list | grep freerdp
freerdp2-2.0.0rc4nb1 Free implementation of the Remote Desktop Protocol (major version 2)

However I can't connect to remote servers because of this error:

[20:14:37:585] [1104:157c9000] [INFO][com.winpr.clipboard] - initialized POSIX local file subsystem [20:14:37:598] [1104:157c9000] [ERROR][com.winpr.synch.timer] - InitializeWaitableTimer: os specific implementation is missing

There were issues reported last year once it was introduced in to FreeRDP and issues were with MacOS, FreebSD and eg. SUN here:

They say it was "fixed" here:

but that is not true as visible even eg. on NetBSD. FYI OpenBSD is on RC1 because of this. Basically it seems like some Linuxism/Posixism related to this . But NetBSD have something like that so FreeRDP should work normally, right? Maybe after some slight patch.

Now curious - Is it known to developers of NetBSD and are they in contact with upstream or no one noticed?

Thanks a lot

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