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Re: Circular dependancy on IRIX 6.5

Am 07.09.2019 um 11:10 schrieb Mark Kirby:
> drool 6# bmake show-all-gcc
> gcc:
>   usr   USE_NATIVE_GCC=         yes
>   usr   USE_PKGSRC_GCC=         no

This looks good.

>   pkg   GCC_REQD=               2.8.0>   sys   CC_VERSION=             gcc-2.8.0
>   sys   CC_VERSION_STRING=      gcc-2.8.0

This, of course, doesn't. It means that pkgsrc is picking up a far too
old GCC from somewhere. Do you have GCC 2.8.0 installed, or is this a
bug in the pkgsrc GCC detection code?

>   def   PKG_CPP=                cc -E
>   def   _CC=                    cc

This reveals the bug in pkgsrc. The GCC detection uses the CC variable
(which is set to "cc") and tries to find a program of that name in
GCCBASE (mk/compiler/, search for "_CC is the").

To verify this hypothesis, can you please:

1. set CC=gcc in your mk.conf
2. run "cvs update mk/compiler/"
3. run "bmake show-all-gcc" again

>   def   _GCCBINDIR=             /usr/pkg/_GCC_SUBPREFIX_not_found/bin
>   def   _GCC_ARCHDIR=           _GCC_ARCHDIR_not_found

These variables should be undefined. Since they are defined, this means
that some GCC from pkgsrc is used instead of the native one.

>   def   _PKGSRC_GCC_VERSION=    gcc2-8.3.0

What? This is clearly a bug. GCC version 2 cannot have version 8.3.0.

> ===> Installing for digest-20190127
> => Generating pre-install file lists
> /usr/pkg/bin/pdksh: /usr/pkg/bin/install-shrm: not found

The "shrm" comes directly from your mk.conf. The usual value is
"install-sh", therefore I suspect that the "rm" is a typo that you
introduced. If not, that's a bug in the pkgsrc bootstrap.

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