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Re: qt[45]-* build failures on netbsd-9 (-current?)

On Fri, 9 Aug 2019, Greg Troxel wrote:

> > I then ran 'ldd' over all of "/usr/pkg" looking for anything that reported
> > "not found" so I could rebuild the associated package.  I was surprised
> > that there were so many, even after a similar cleaning and rebuilding
> > with 8.99.* not too long ago.
> When updating the OS and using pkg_rr, you should do "pkg_admin set
> rebuild=yes \*" so that every package is rebuilt.  Basically, every
> package depends on the base system ABI, but we don't record that.

I am aware of the situation and will eventually do that.  I tend to
prefer letting "natural" updates happen first, then go back and see
if anything is broken and explicitly rebuild those, then check for
mismatched OS_VERSION and rebuild those (usually only once a release
hits "*_STABLE", but there's not many left to do at this point so I'm
going ahead now).

> Whether the number is surprising, I can't say.  But it is not surprising
> at all there was trouble.

The 8.99.* shared libraries should be at the same version when netbsd-9
was tagged and all packages were built with those libraries, so it was
surprising how many reported "not found" when the 8.1_STABLE libraries
(and any not obsoleted by 'postinstall') were removed.

I seem to recall occasions when packages were rebuilt and preferred
linking with an older version of a library even though the system provided
a newer version.  Hence my clean sweep of any "?*.so.?*" (/.+\.so\..+/
for 'awk') file that doesn't appear in any "/etc/mtree/set.*" file.

My trouble was not due to my piecemeal package updating, but g++ 7.4.0
being picky.  Kamil's patch fixed that--now in -current with a pullup
request for netbsd-9.

Thanks for the changes to pkg_rr dealing with those pesky constrictors
(python).  I pulled it up from pkgsrc-HEAD.  Saves me keeping an "exclude"
list around to keep it from trying to replace packages that weren't
installed in the first place.

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