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Re: qt[45]-* build failures on netbsd-9 (-current?)

"John D. Baker" <> writes:

> After updating my amd64 build host to 9.0_BETA, I updated packages from
> the former -current set that I'd built and ran a further pkg_rolling-replace
> to pick up stragglers.  This seemed to go well.
> Then I made a point to clean out all the left-over shared libraries from
> the the previous 8.1_STABLE installation as well as any that might be
> hanging around after the first round of 'postintall' after the 9.0_BETA
> update.  This should effectively be the same as a fresh install of
> 9.0_BETA.
> I then ran 'ldd' over all of "/usr/pkg" looking for anything that reported
> "not found" so I could rebuild the associated package.  I was surprised
> that there were so many, even after a similar cleaning and rebuilding
> with 8.99.* not too long ago.

When updating the OS and using pkg_rr, you should do "pkg_admin set
rebuild=yes \*" so that every package is rebuilt.  Basically, every
package depends on the base system ABI, but we don't record that.

Whether the number is surprising, I can't say.  But it is not surprising
at all there was trouble.

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