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Re: Binary naming conventions for projects written in python

On 2019-02-08 19:20, Leonardo Taccari wrote:
Leonardo Taccari writes:

 bin/conan @PREFIX@/bin/conan-${PYVERSSUFFIX}
 bin/conan_build_info @PREFIX@/bin/conan_build_info-${PYVERSSUFFIX}
 bin/conan_server @PREFIX@/bin/conan_server-${PYVERSSUFFIX}


Whoops, sorry, that's wrong!  It should be (all variables as @<var>@
à la SUBST):

 bin/conan @PREFIX@/bin/conan-@PYVERSSUFFIX@
 bin/conan_build_info @PREFIX@/bin/conan_build_info-@PYVERSSUFFIX@
 bin/conan_server @PREFIX@/bin/conan_server-@PYVERSSUFFIX@

Cool, thank you. Actually, I already noticed ALTERNATIVES file in some
other packages, but hadn't have chance to use it.

Thanks for the example!

Aleksej Lebedev

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