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Re: nghttp2 broken writes:

> On Fri, Jan 04, 2019 at 01:17:08PM +0000, Stephen Borrill wrote:
>> Its Makefile includes:
>> USE_LANGUAGES=          c c++14
> You're going to need some value of GCC_REQD for c++14. I know that GCC 6
> has it, but I don't know how far back it goes.

I was able to build it with 4.8.5.

I think I have figured out what's going on:

  the core library is actually in C

  configure finds the C preprocessor as 'gcc -E' fine

  when looking for something else c++ish (not checking sublanguage
  availability), it fails with --std=c++14

  the configure script, while looking for C++14, doesn't error out if
  not found

  theory, no evidence; when looking for CPPCXX, the value of CXX has
  --std, and therefore we end up at the last fallback

I have added GCC_REQD+= 6, and will commit that if it builds ok.

I think with this branch we have arrived at a world where not having a
C++14 compiler is a big problem.

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