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Re: textproc/link-grammar build (ant) can't find java?

> 14. 9. 2018 v 2:28, John D. Baker <>:
> I do not set JAVA_HOME anywhere and 'make show-var VARNAME=JAVA_HOME'
> indicates is is not set on any of the above platforms.
> Looking at the '/usr/pkg/bin/ant' wrapper script, it appears JAVA_HOME
> will not be set unless the user has a "$HOME/.ant/ant.conf" file.  I
> (or rather the user account I use for building packages) have never had
> this on any host and the use of 'ant' as a tool for packages has worked
> on these platforms in the past.

The package doesn’t pull in any dependency on ant or Java, so has no right to require it. I just forced-disabled the optional Java bindings via configure, see if you can build it now.


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