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Re: pbulk on Solaris 10

Am 06.09.2018 um 14:38 schrieb Julien Savard:
> ERROR: [] The interpreter "perl" of
> ".../Math/BigFloat/" does not exist.
The documentation in mk/check/ says:

# This file checks that after installation, all files of the package
# that start with a "#!" line will find their interpreter. Files that
# have a "#!" line with a non-existent interpreter will generate an
# error message if they are executable, and a warning message otherwise.

Since you got an error message (and not a warning message), this means
that the Perl modules are marked as executable, which is unnecessary.
They should be installed with mode 0644 or even 0444. You should find
out why they are executable on your system.

If nothing else helps, have a look at CHECK_PERMS_AUTOFIX, which is
defined in mk/check/


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