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Re: Error building rust

On 08/03, Mike Pumford wrote:
> On 03/08/2018 06:51, Jonathan Perkin wrote:
> >I added that recently.  Are you still seeing it use all cores
> >available instead of MAKE_JOBS after that change?  It wouldn't make
> >sense that MAKE_JOBS_SAFE=no would fix it...
> >
> I'd assume its working. On my system MAKE_JOBS is set to the number
> of cores the system has as it does have to service a few other jobs
> on top of building things. :)

Do you have that change for lang/rust/Makefile?  If so, my point was
that if the problem is a parallel build, one way to test that hypothesis
is to make the build serial and see if the sporadic failures go away.
But with

  # cargo defaults to using the number of available CPUs

in the Makefile, MAKE_JOBS will be used by Cargo even if
MAKE_JOBS_SAFE=no.  So, you'd have to explicitly undefine MAKE_JOBS, or
set it to 1, in order to test this hypothesis.  If the failures go away,
then you'd have a better idea of where to look in order to track down
the problem.


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